30 Celebrities and Their Russian Twins


Some say that the award of the funniest nation in the world is reserved for the Russian Nation.  This is because we see Russians all over social media entertaining everyone with their drunk photos or unorthodox habits.

Turns out Russia is pretty awesome at cloning celebrities as well. You will find lots of doppelgangers for celebrities there making Russia not just the funniest nation in the world, but also the most interesting one. Where else can you find so many doppelgangers of celebs?


Scroll down and enjoy 30 images of celebrities and their Russian doppelgangers.

  1. 1 Ryan on the streets of Kazan

  2. 2 Will Ferrell's doppelganger Chad Smith, drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers

  3. 3 Logan didn't die

  4. 4 Muggle spotted


  5. 5 Not sure which one is which.

  6. 6 Not diesel any more.

  7. 7 Nikolai Statham

  8. 8 Mila kunovic

  9. 9 Barrack seeing the colder part of the world after retirement

  10. 10 Russian industry makes him poor.

  11. 11 Robert back to drugs

  12. 12 Scarlet after 4 children and a lot of vodka

  13. 13 Leo's running security at the bank now

  14. 14 From Tennis field to Modeling, the charm doesn't fade

  15. 15 This one's not so dumb looking

  16. 16 Young Christopher Walken looks exactly like Scarlett Johansson

  17. 17 From Hogwarts to Russia

  18. 18 DIY Lady Gaga getup

  19. 19 Andre Antoniovic

  20. 20 I guess he retired

  21. 21 I am 100% sure this is him because he can do anything

  22. 22 Angie's got a doppelganger

  23. 23 What if I tell you that's two different people?

  24. 24 The Russian Leo

  25. 25 Every President needs a double

  26. 26 This gothic joker on the Moscow subway

  27. 27 The actor needed just some fat and makeup to become like him

  28. 28 The stress sure changes you

  29. 29 Milla Jovovich's Russian doppelganger!

  30. 30 Jason Statham having barbecue in Russia.


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