This Guy Gives Random People Cartoon Faces and Results Are Hilarious


Whether you admit it or not, you love cartoons! We all do. Cartoons can cheer us up when we’re down. They just make everything so much cuter. This post is about photos taken or edited by creative individuals who love cartoons. 


In this post, we have compiled a list of interesting photos in which the faces of people in random photos were replaced by faces of cartoon characters. The result is both cute and hilarious. Scroll down and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Homer having a sandwich on train

  2. 2 This guy doesn't like my chewing noice

  3. 3 Spidey just caught me taking his pic

  4. 4 Some things never change


  5. 5 When your Batmobile is broken and you have to take train like normal people

  6. 6 Looks like the chase is about to start

  7. 7 Hulk is not pleased with his ice cream

  8. 8 That feeling when you finally find a good Show on Netflix

  9. 9 Waiting for train ride to end be like

  10. 10 That's how a typical annoying whistling guy looks like

  11. 11 Refused to this guy on train and now he is pissed

  12. 12 When your son gifts you a new iPad

  13. 13 The grumpy Grandpa

  14. 14 Taking a fast route to save his princess

  15. 15 Thats how everyone looks like on Monday morning

  16. 16 His mates kicked him out of The Gang

  17. 17 He didnt get some Honey in morning so he is pissed now

  18. 18 This Ewok looks high

  19. 19 On his way to rescue people

  20. 20 I'm on the train playing ‘Where's Wally?'. AH-HA!

  21. 21 On train. Think I've seen him on the tube, he looks familiar


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