Some animals are funny, some very staid. Some are cuddly, some introverts. Some can scare you, other can crack you up.  Some live high up in the mountains, some deep below the sea. Some eat grass, some flesh and some both. Some are good at attacking, some at running and some at hiding. Some move, stop, and move and some never stop and some never move.

Whatever their color, their creed, their shape, their habitation, their psyche, our interest in them is never going to die. We love sharing stories of our fellow habitants with you, with whom we share this beautiful world. If you want to read surprising facts about animals around you, peek in the jungle life to see how animals live there, want to giggle over funny cat and dogs expression, we have so much for you. There are so many animals in this world and all these are so different from others, there is always something fresh for you.