Divorce Cakes are a Thing and They are Brutally Funny


Divorce shouldn’t be seen as a tragedy, it is actually a new beginning. It may be a difficult pill to swallow, but it brings closure to a failed marriage. Not everyone spends month weeping after their divorce; some people celebrate their freedom with divorce parties and hilarious customized cakes.

In this post we have listed up some of the funniest pictures of divorce cakes ever posted up online. If you know someone who’s recently been divorced, get a similar cake made for them to cheer them up!


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Kicking out the ex

  2. 2 That's the new thing

  3. 3 Straight outta my life

  4. 4 I am DONE !!!!


  5. 5 Out of the equation

  6. 6 Finally

  7. 7 This is the new trend

  8. 8 Throw her in the garbage

  9. 9 Do you?

  10. 10 Finally Done With That A**

  11. 11 BREAK ROOM

  12. 12 That's A cute cake

  13. 13 No more love from my side

  14. 14 Eat Shit and die Please

  15. 15 That got violent

  16. 16 As simple as that

  17. 17 Bye Bye hope we never see each other again

  18. 18 That is a strong message for sure

  19. 19 Definitely with that saber

  20. 20 Wife Goes on

  21. 21 Taking the trash Out

  22. 22 Happy Trails Darin !

  23. 23 That's a Deep Cake

  24. 24 That's a Tie

  25. 25 Right where he belongs

  26. 26 Burn down the witch

  27. 27 Stabbing tutorial

  28. 28 The Red Wedding 2.0

  29. 29 Throw out the unwanted stuff

  30. 30 Please just die

  31. 31 Do you mind falling off a cliff or something?

  32. 32 Separate ways

  33. 33 Alone but happy


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