22 Brilliant Tattoo Cover-Up After the Break Up


Breakups are hard enough as it, you don’t need a tattoo to remind you of your ex every time you look at yourself; However nobody really thinks about a break up when they first start going out with someone, and so they make the stupid mistake of getting a tattoo commemorating their relationship.

Not a good idea folks. However, if you’re already stuck with an unwanted tattoo. Don’t fret it. You can fix the mistake by contacting a good tattoo artist. How do you ask? Let us show ya!


Listed in this post are 22 brilliant covers up tattoo ideas that you can use to get rid of your original tattoo commemorating your lover. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Simpsons character to accompany the change from marry to marge

  2. 2 At least he knows that the brand will will last longer

  3. 3 Creative Day Of The Dead mask cover up tattoo

  4. 4 Froge over Gene


  5. 5 At least this King Kong tattoo is more prettier than her

  6. 6 VOID. That's one way to handle it.

  7. 7 Her feelings are clear with her new tattoo

  8. 8 Kiara is dead for him now

  9. 9 He choose the simple tactic of just scribbling the whole thing out

  10. 10 Because diamonds may be forever, but Chris certainly wasn’t.

  11. 11 Apparently a man never learns for his mistakes

  12. 12 Now even a flower will look better on this man's finger

  13. 13 Sometimes its better to own up your mistakes

  14. 14 Quality woman - Dman my ex

  15. 15 Because life feels like heaven now

  16. 16 Butterflies are always more beautiful than fake love

  17. 17 Making fun of your mistake is better than covering it up

  18. 18 I think Jeffrey got caught in the wrong honeypot.

  19. 19 This skull is more glowing than their love

  20. 20 David Lost The Battle To A Rose

  21. 21 Revealing his real face

  22. 22 Eventually Diamonds lasts longer than Isaac


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