Body Paint Art That Will Blow Your Mind


Body painting is a genre of art that uses the human body as the canvas for expressing the wonders of nature, the universe and all that exists In between them. It also embodies the philosophy of the potential of transformation inherent in the human body. Many artists have produced remarkable pieces of work in this genre. Artists from all over the globe are diversifying body painting each bringing their own unique perspective with them. 


Listed in this post are 20 awesome photos of body paintings by different artists, by scrolling through these photos, you’ll find an appreciation for the different perspectives found in each of these paintings:

  1. 1 Freddy, is that you?

  2. 2 When you diet for too long

  3. 3 Winter is coming

  4. 4 One for the Insomniacs


  5. 5 If a women's body portrayed her thoughts

  6. 6 Battery about to die

  7. 7 You can call me honey

  8. 8 Remind you of someone?

  9. 9 People at Lacoste might be impressed

  10. 10 Wild cats

  11. 11 Need that size zero

  12. 12 Gotta keep it all alligned

  13. 13 Need myself a bond like this

  14. 14 Take my soul

  15. 15 Just got the hair colored

  16. 16 The G.O.A.T

  17. 17 What's the horse power on this beast?

  18. 18 Layer by layer

  19. 19 The source of all power

  20. 20 Tear my heart out


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