Best Underwater Photos of 2018


The ocean is a mesmerizing mystery. It is both captivating and scary at the same time. We all yearn to discover what lies in the deep depths of the ocean.

People who’re passionate about the ocean find ways to explore it, and some share their findings with others as well in the form of photos and videos.  The Underwater photography of the year award brings together the best of these photos on a single platform.

This year brought in many mesmerizing underwater photos for The Underwater photography of the year award 2018. Photographers from more than 63 countries submitted photos to win the 11 category prizes and the grand prize.


Listed in this post are some of our favorite winning entries from the competition. You can find the complete collection here:  Website

Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Wide Angle Category Winner: "Humpback Whale Spy Hopping" By Greg Lecoeur, France

  2. 2 Behaviour Category: "The Fisherman" By Filippo Borghi, Italy

  3. 3 Up & Coming Category Runner Up: "The Hammer" By Jacob Degee, Poland

  4. 4 British Waters Wide Angle Category: "Basking Shark Feeding" By Will Clark, UK

    Will Clark

  5. 5 British Waters Wide Angle Category: "Courtship" By Spencer Burrows, UK

  6. 6 British Waters Compact Category: "Peek-A-Boo!" By Martin Edser, Uk

  7. 7 British Waters Macro Category Winner: "Battle Of The Tompots" By Henley Spiers, UK

  8. 8 British Underwater Photographer Of The Year. "Love Birds" By Grant Thomas, Uk

  9. 9 Portrait Category Winner: "A Sand Tiger Shark Surrounded By Tiny Bait Fish" By Tanya Houppermans, USA

  10. 10 Behaviour Category: "In Hinding" By Scott Gutsy Tuason, Philippines

  11. 11 Wide Angle Category: "The Real Illusion"By Konstantin Killer, Germany

  12. 12 Wide Angle Category: "Blacktip Rendezvous" By Renee Capozzola, USA

  13. 13 Behaviour Category: "Spinning Anthias" By Anders Nyberg, Sweden

  14. 14 Black & White Category: "Gravity" By Miguel Pereira, Portugal

  15. 15 Wide Angle Category: "Breathtaking" By Tobias Friedrich, Germany

  16. 16 Wide Angle Category: "Cooking Sausage" By Pekka Tuuri, Finland

  17. 17 Macro Category Winner: "Seahorse Density" By Shane Gross, Canada

  18. 18 Black & White Category Winner: "Crocodile Reflections" By Borut Furlan, Slovenia

  19. 19 Macro Category: Runner Up "Friend Or Food?!" By Songda Cai, China

  20. 20 Portrait Category: "One Of The Last Ones" By Robert Marc Lehmann, Germany

  21. 21 Behaviour Category: "In Hinding" By Scott Gutsy Tuason, Philippines

  22. 22 Portrait Category: "Oceanic White Tip Shark" By Greg Lecoeur, France

  23. 23 Behaviour Category: "The Birth" By Filippo Borghi, Italy

  24. 24 Up & Coming Category: "Beautiful" By Rupert Cornelius, Mozambique

  25. 25 Up & Coming Category: "A Lagoon Glimpse" By Romain Barats, France

  26. 26 Compact Category Winner: "Dancing With The Giants" By Simone Matucci, New Zealand

  27. 27 Up & Coming Category: "Ruby" By Clarissa Ace, Indonesia

  28. 28 British Waters Macro Category: Third "Colourful Corkwing" By Kirsty Andrews, UK

  29. 29 Macro Category: "Blue Fish" By Ace Wu, Taiwan

  30. 30 British Waters Wide Angle Category: "Feeding Sturgeon In A Cloud Of Silt" By Trevor Rees, UK

  31. 31 Macro Category: "Pretty Lady" By Tianhong Wang, China

  32. 32 Wrecks Category: "Unusually Parked Car" By Pekka Tuuri, Finland


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