30 Best Parenting Hacks That Will Make Every Parent Life Easy


Being a parent is without a doubt awesome, but it isn’t anywhere near easy! If you’re a new parent then don’t expect to be fully rested and spit/snot free for at least a few years. You’ll need all the help you can get! 

In this post we have listed up photos of 30 parenting hacks that will make your daily parenthood struggles a bit easier to handle. Most of these hacks are super simple to implement, once you’re hooked to these you won’t be able to believe how you had survived without them. 

Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the new parents you know, help them find some shortcuts as well! 

  1. 1 Make household chores into a game so they'll want to be a part of it

    Kids get bored with mundane chores such as fixing the bed, throwing out the garbage, or vacuuming. They despise doing additional house chores. You must be extra creative for developing their interest, for instance you can come up with a chores game. When planning the chores game ask your kids to help think of the rules. This way they will feel competent to complete the chores on their own. For example, when cleaning the floor let your child sweep all the trash into one tiny square so they can enjoy helping you out.  

  2. 2 French fry apples anyone?

    Cut your apples like french fries to encourage your children to eat them! It is fun and creative, your kids will love it. 

  3. 3 Carry an 'out of order' sign in your wallet at all times in case you encounter an unexpected delay machine

    Kids adore amusement parks. No wonder it’s a lot of entertainment for the young ones with all the fun filled rides and exciting atmosphere. However, for parents heading to any theme park can get quite stressful! There are the huge crowds to deal with and long queues with the misuse of money for buying the extra coins at each of the rides.  One creative parenting hack is that you always carry an ‘out of order’ sign in your wallet this will come in handy in case you want to avoid some rides.

  4. 4 Masterpiece from a ziplock bag painting!!


    Kids love finger painting! It's always a fun experience for them.  Most little ones enjoy squishing paint through their fingers.  However, we know every mom is not always up for the mess finger painting creates. Don't worry! Mess-free Ziplock bag painting is a perfect solution for you. This activity is ideal for those days when you don’t have time to clean up your messy kiddos. Put a paper sheet in a Ziplock bag together with some paint and let your child "Paint" Mess-Free.

  5. 5 Use a disposable coffee lid to keep popsicles from turning into a huge mess

    On summer days, nothing sounds more appealing than an icy-cold Popsicle. It’s almost every little one's favorite. However, it can create a huge mess when they are in the hands of your toddler. We have a great hack for you! Use a disposable coffee lid at the end of a popsicle stick.  And you won't have to worry about the mess.

  6. 6 Glitter takes your tooth fairy game to the next level.

    Have your child recently lost a tooth? Do you want the Tooth Fairy to visit, but not sure what to do? Parenthood has a way of bringing out creative sides of people. Every parent needs some clever hacks for their kids especially when it comes to Tooth fairy leaving some presents. You can surprise your kids with fairy-dusted glitter money.  You will only need some glitter dust and hairspray for making this cute DIY present.

  7. 7 No bathtub? Here's the solution:

    A Bath is always quite comforting for kids. They enjoy the bubbles and splashing of water in a bathtub. You don't have to worry if your place doesn’t have a tub. Your kids can still experience the magic of bath time like everyone else. All you need is a little creativity. Place a small inflatable pool in the shower cabin, and you will have a perfect portable bathtub for your kids. The best part is that the little ones can splash all they want, and the floor will stay dry.

  8. 8 "Ask your keiki for a toy they want the 'Switch Witch' to bring them. Halloween night when they go to bed all their candy goes next to their pillow. Switch Witch arrives while they're sleeping and switches their candy for the toy"

    Sweet Treats. It’s tempting for kids to collect so many sweets on Halloween. However, it's essential to know that excessive sweets are unhealthy for your kids. A clever way to trick your child from eating those collected sweets is through a game of Switch Witch. Tell your little ones to put all their candies next to their pillow so that an unseen Witch can switch their candies for their favorite toy on Halloween night. It may surprise you how much your kids will be excited about it.

  9. 9 Cover a pack and play with a fitted sheet, and your child can stay cool outside without being eaten alive by bugs.

    Raising children takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. Every parent can make their life a little bit easier with some extra creativity and imagination. When your toddler needs to stay out while you are doing gardening chores, you can put your child's crib in the garden and cover it with a fitted sheet, this way the baby can stay cool outside without being eaten alive by bugs.  

  10. 10 Parenting level: Expert

    Are you going grocery shopping with your toddler? We know it can be quite stressful. Well, think of some creative hacks to release your pressure load.  We have got one for you! Fasten your kid and the sippy cup to your shopping cart restraints with a soft belt. It will secure your toddler as well and this way you won't have to turn around and pick up the cup every time your kid drops it.

  11. 11 Putting a medicine dropper in an open pacifier makes administering medicine much less traumatic.

    Illness in a child is always unwelcome. Of course, no parent wants to see their little one suffer from a chesty cough or blocked nose. We understand giving medicine to a stubborn child is quite a nightmare for almost every parent.  To help ease your traumatic experience this hack is just perfect for you. Cut a hole on the tip of the pacifier and stick a dropper through it to administer medicine. This way your toddler will be less likely to give you any trouble. 

  12. 12 Teaching your child to hold a pencil

    Learning to hold a pencil correctly is an important skill but it’s also quite challenging for your little ones. To make it easy, you should try this kleenex trick. Take a Kleenex and tear it two pieces then have your child pinch the Kleenex piece in his/her pinky and ring finger. Remarkably, as long as the Kleenex is still "occupying" their 4th and 5th fingers, your kid will naturally hold the pencil the right way.

  13. 13 Sometimes I have to disguise oatmeal within a banana to get my child to eat. He’s been eating the same bite of banana and new oatmeal this whole time

    It can be frustrating when your child is a picky eater! But you can always trick them into eating something healthy, so they won't miss out on vital food nutrients. You can disguise oatmeal within a banana to get your child to eat something healthy. Give this trick a try it's an awesome one.

  14. 14 Shh!! I can see everything from up here…

    Parents, relax! You are human too. You deserve to be a little lazy with all that you do. Running up and down the stairs to check on your kids can get quite tiring. We have an amazing "spy window" trick for you. Place a mirror between the floors of your house along the staircase and use it to keep an eye on your children from a different floor. Use this easy hack to save yourself a few steps every day.

  15. 15 A frozen sponge in a ziplock is the perfect way to keep their lunches cold. And the best part is that it won't leak!

    Dear mommies, do you want to know the trick to keep your child's lunch box cold enough till break time? This hack is perfect for you. Put a frozen sponge in a ziplock and place it in your kid's lunch box.  It will keep your kid's lunch cold, and the best part is that the sponge won't leak either.

  16. 16 How to Organize Legos

    Lego bricks are awesome, but they can be a pain in the back side for mommies who consistently have to collect them and put them away once their kids are done playing with them. To get around this, mommies can use a shoe organizer to organize Legos. They can turn it into a fun activity for their kids by having their kids organize the Legos by different colors in the organizer. It saves mommies from cleaning up Legos and it keeps the kids happy.

  17. 17 Masking tape and monster trucks at dawn. This kid…

    Do you have monster trucks and toy cars lying all over your house? Restrict your children to a particular corner in your house by using masking tape to draw out a road for them. This will keep your kids happy as they’ll now be driving those cars and trucks down a road, and you will be saved from the trouble of seeing cars all over your house.

  18. 18 Inventive Dad of the day

    Who needs expensive seats for babies? Simply fix your baby in a chair by using a men’s vest. You baby will play around happily fixed in his seat, and you can get through with your chores around the house.

  19. 19 When your kid is asleep but you need to eat...

    Being a parent is tough. You don’t always get time to eat properly. When the babies are awake they want all the attention. However when they’re asleep, you’re free to live your life. If your baby is asleep, and you must hold him as you eat, cover him up with your napkin! This way you can have your lunch without having to look for a baby friendly restaurant.

  20. 20 When giving meds, write out all the planned dosages on the bottle before starting, then, as each one is given, mark it off.

    Being a parent is tough. Parents are often juggling loads of tasks while trying to ensure that their kids are happy and healthy. Sometimes the stress of all the responsibilities gets too much for parents and they end up forgetting details such as their child’s medicine frequency and dosage. To get around this, busy parents can paste up a chart detailing their children’s dosage on the medicine bottle, every time they administer a dosage they can check it up on the bottle. In this way, the parents can avoid double dosage problems that normally become a nuisance for busy moms.

  21. 21 How to distinguish twins

    Having trouble distinguishing your twins? Give them an innovative haircut. Have their haircut say 1 and  2. You won’t have to worry about mixing your kids up after that.

  22. 22 Keep a cheap potty chair in your car along with a few diapers

    You can’t control the timing of your kid’s poop. They do it whenever they want, where ever they want. If you’re going on a long trip, take a cheap potty chair with you and put a diaper in it. Once your kid is potty trained they will ask you for a bathroom when they need to go and this hack will seem like a life saver to you in that time.

  23. 23 Obviously for our Christmas travels.

    Flying with kids? Pack a few cheap stickers along that you can place on the window. They’ll keep your kids entertained on the flight.

  24. 24 Awesome idea. I am going to order two

    Do you struggle to keep your kids close to the car as you unload? You can use colorful car magnets to keep your kids focused on the car. A good idea is to get a hand shaped magnet on your car. Your toddler can be trained to place their hand on the colorful magnet and wait for their mommy.

  25. 25 Hack that could save lives.

    All parents worry about their children, and therefore they want to be prepared for all kinds of emergencies. In order to ensure that your kids gets proper identification and treatment in the case of a car accident, list down all important details about your child such as name, blood group, emergency contacts, DOB, medical condition etc and stick the paper to the child’s car seat.  This information will be extremely useful in the case of an emergency situation.

  26. 26 A little hack for you.

    Kids love adventures. During snowy season, you can give your kids an adventure by building up an igloo for them. All you need is a rectangular shaped Tupperware that will be used to create snow blocks. These snow blocks can later be used to create an igloo.

  27. 27 Thinking about having a BBQ this weekend?? Why not crack out the old kids safety pen as the ultimate BBQ dad hack

    Doing a BBQ around kids can be tough. To ensure that your kids are well away from the hot grill you can use your child’s safety pen to fence out the BBQ grill. In this way, you can grill whatever you want in peace without having to worry about your child getting near the hot grill.

  28. 28 How to easily teach multiplication tables

    Maths can be tough. It isn’t easy to teach kids the multiplication tables. However, if you have stairs around the house, you can paste up the tables on the stairs. That way the kids will see them every time they run up and down the stairs. It will make the tables easier to learn and remember.

  29. 29 Bathe your child in a laundry basket so that their toys don’t float away

    Most babies don’t like taking baths, and if they take a bath they like to have lots of toys with them to keep them entertained. Next time you’re giving your baby a bath, use a laundry basket to hold your baby along with all his toys. Your baby will be happy taking a bath if he can take all his toys with him there!

  30. 30 A rubber band can keep your child from getting locked in the bathroom

    Kids are kids, and if you use knobbed doors, kids can easily get themselves locked inside the bathroom. Use rubber bands to hold both knobs so that the door cannot be locked.

  31. 31 Tie a sheet around a table, and your child has a hammock.

    Build your child a hammock by tying a sheet around the table. Your kids will be happy and cozy in the hammock and you won’t even have to spend a penny.


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