Best of Who Wore it Better Photos


In this era, it is tough to not get compared to someone, especially if you are in the limelight all the time. 

While paparazzi keeps you updated of what celebrities are wearing, we keep you updated of which Sesame Street character did we get reminded of by the celebrity’s outfit. 

So, now, the question is, who wore it better?

  1. 1 Kim Kardashian or Killer whale

  2. 2 Hillary Clinton Or A Potato Bag?Heidi Klum Or A Car Wash Brush?

    kansascity | autowash

  3. 3 Miley Cyrus or Cynthia

  4. 4 Peter Family Guy or Rihanna


  5. 5 Kylie Jenner Or This Net Bag?

  6. 6 He-Man wears the shirt better, but Nicki kills with hair.

  7. 7 Amber Rose or This Packet of Candy Buttons

  8. 8 Lil Wayne or Donnie Thornberry

  9. 9 Taraji P. Henson Or This Broken iPhone?

  10. 10 Donald Trump or This Ear of Corn

  11. 11 Mischa Barton Or Oscar The Grouch?

  12. 12 Ivanka Trump Or This Burrito?

  13. 13 Oogie Boogie or this woman?

  14. 14 Pretty close, but the potato head chick is prettier.

  15. 15 Ricky or Kim Kardashian?

  16. 16 Now that's tricky!!

  17. 17 What do you think? Who wore it better?

  18. 18 Michelle Obama Or A Windmill?

  19. 19 Who wore it better?

  20. 20 Justin Beiber or a cute toddler


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