Best Funny Animal Pictures Of All Time


The animal kingdom is full of cute and cuddly animals.  Some pet enthusiasts go out of their way to capture hilarious photos of their animals. One of the Lord of the rings fans went as far as dressing up his puppy as Gandalf. The result was an absolutely adorable portrait of a canine Gandalf.


Others capture hysterical expressions of their pets by perfectly timing their photos at the right moments. These are the photos that we often see being featured in humorous memes. Following are 26 of the cutest and funnies animal photos of all time:

  1. 1 "This is a huge opportunity for physics. We need to fetch the ball and run it.", Albark Einstein

  2. 2 Why is 6 scared of 7? Because 7 ate 9..

  3. 3 Out of the way lady! Right Meoww!!

  4. 4 Mommy !! It's the rat again!


  5. 5 Oh my gosh! John Snow lives..

  6. 6 Just zip it. I don't wanna know about your stupid Stuart Little

  7. 7 Oh Booger Off!

  8. 8 Watching TV on a Saturday night like..

  9. 9 I'm gonna kill whoever said you're adopted

  10. 10 Did someone say chicken?!

  11. 11 Guess where I pooped? oh you'll find it!

  12. 12 Tony Hawk who?

  13. 13 Wiz Khalifa needs to get his hair done ASAP

  14. 14 Sun's out, tongues out!

  15. 15 When you accidentally open your phone's selfie cam

  16. 16 I am sick of you dumb hooman!

  17. 17 Albus Dumbledog

  18. 18 How many nuts did you find?

  19. 19 Bearly doing okay..

  20. 20 Walking into the weekend like..

  21. 21 And the Photobomb of the Year Award goes to...

  22. 22 This vet will... cut.. WHAT OFF?!

  23. 23 All food must go in for testing

  24. 24 Human, I request your assistance

  25. 25 Oh, you're home early..

  26. 26 Scooby Doo..WTF?


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