Best Cosplays From San Diego Comic Con


We all have geeks and nerds in our social circle. These are people who love to read comics and fiction and there are always other who don’t understand this passion towards fantasy. However there is almost always somebody in every one’s circle who is super nerdy and who likes to think of himself or herself as a superhero character from one of these comic books.


Listed below are the pictures from San Diego comic con and some of them are pretty cool. Lots of nerds came dressed as their favorite superheroes. Be sure to check out number 5 and number 10 they are pretty cool.

  1. 1 Wonder Woman, Dc

  2. 2 Night King, Game Of Thrones

  3. 3 Joker, Batman

  4. 4 Mystique, X-Men


  5. 5 Greta Gremlin, Gremlins 2

  6. 6 Storm, X-Men

  7. 7 Okoye, Marvel

  8. 8 The Mad Hatter, Alice In Wonderland

  9. 9 Jon Snow And Thanos

  10. 10 Scooby Gang, Scooby Doo

  11. 11 Faun, Pan's Labyrinth

  12. 12 Dumbledore, Harry Potter

  13. 13 Yondu And Groot, Marvel

  14. 14 Xenomorph And Predator

  15. 15 Sindragosa, World Of Warcraft

  16. 16 Nien Nunb, Star Wars

  17. 17 Demogorgon, Stranger Things

  18. 18 Hawkgirl, Dc

  19. 19 Ciri, The Witcher

  20. 20 Deadpool

  21. 21 Pennywise, It

  22. 22 Mad Eye Moody, Harry Potter

  23. 23 Hulk Buster Iron Man

  24. 24 Wolverine, X-Men

  25. 25 Neo And The Twins, The Matrix

  26. 26 Drag Queen Deadpool


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