20 Photos Proving Being a Photographer is Hard


Being a photographer is some tricky business! You enjoy your job, but you can also get killed, literally! Don't believe us? Just look at the compiled list of 20 photos which prove that being a photographer is really, really hard!


If it weren't for the photographers, who would capture amazing and beautiful moments for the world to see? Kudos to them, seriously! 

  1. 1 At least there happened to be a tree there...

  2. 2 Anything for the perfect shot!

  3. 3 Weird Floor Shot!

  4. 4 Oh my gosh! that looks terrifying!


  5. 5 I'll give him five bucks to "slip."

  6. 6 What a romantic moment that never happened!

  7. 7 Photographer who can do anything for a perfect shot!

  8. 8 Underwater Photography!!

  9. 9 Im all over this! Bet it was a hell of a final photo!

  10. 10 What if he would let him go???

  11. 11 Nope. Not taking my gajillion dollar camera into the surf. Unless the couple is paying for its replacement!

  12. 12 One quick shot removed from "it's over" to "she's hot!"

  13. 13 It's not a racy shot - it's a lacy shot!

  14. 14 If you're a wild life photographer than you should learn how to run fast!

  15. 15 Anything for that perfect shot!

  16. 16 Feet and Tripod are on fire, but nothing is more important than a perfect shot

  17. 17 Crazy Action Photographer!

  18. 18 Rigging The Impossible

  19. 19 Crazy or Fearless!

  20. 20 Going out on a limb!


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