30 People Who Know All The Secrets of Taking Stunning Photos


Good photos don’t just happen by accident, they’re well planned in advance down to the last detail to ensure that everything turns out exactly the way it should be. Good photographers can take a great photo in almost any location!

In this post we’ll be sharing a sneak peek into the backstage activities that lead to good photos. Can you replicate the 18th photo? It seems simple enough.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Don’t forget to share this post with all the photographers in your list.

  1. 1 Doing it like Pros

  2. 2 It's all about the setup

  3. 3 Forbidden kiwi

  4. 4 Art can be found anywhere


  5. 5 These were the people that got an A in Science

  6. 6 The Great Escape

  7. 7 Um... awkward?

  8. 8 Queen of the rain forest? I don't think so

  9. 9 What you see on instagram vs. what it looks like in real life. Who else does this?

  10. 10 This is what Photographers are paid big money for

  11. 11 His tactics are smokey

  12. 12 All about the splash

  13. 13 Because symmetry is necessary

  14. 14 #Beaching #Beachlove

  15. 15 Perfection down to every little grain

  16. 16 Reflections are catchy af

  17. 17 It's a little complicated

  18. 18 Ever been to Paris?

  19. 19 The struggle you go through for the perfect shot

  20. 20 The lighting was good outdoors...

  21. 21 Stormy weather conditions

  22. 22 Project it on me

  23. 23 As big as a giant can get

  24. 24 The perfect pool shot doesn't exis...

  25. 25 Risky position

  26. 26 When you can't decide where to focus

  27. 27 Follow me

  28. 28 Ever wondered how these were taken?

  29. 29 This girl always comes up on my explore feed. Left photo is taken from the clinic where she gets all her cosmetic work done. Right her from her own Instagram.

  30. 30 Doorway to emptiness


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