20 Most Awkward Photos Of Nerds Standing Next To Women


Schools and Universities would be incomplete without Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks. Now not all nerds get bullied, some are pretty kick a**! They’ll not only ace in their grades and their life, but they also get some pretty hot chicks as well! Others don’t do as good. They just settle with gawking at any pretty girl that crosses paths with them.


Listed in this post are hilarious photos of nerds standing with women. Some of these are so hilarious, you’ll seriously have a hard time containing your laughter. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 He is just as shocked as we all are!

  2. 2 He definitely bought whatever they were selling!

  3. 3 That's the closest he will ever get to a superhero!

  4. 4 Hover hand!


  5. 5 That's one lucky guy!

  6. 6 He does all the assignments for these two!

  7. 7 He was waiting for someone to touch him like that!

  8. 8 He paid a lot of money to them to take this picture with him!

  9. 9 If this can happen, I still have hope!

  10. 10 Don't worry, she's not real!

  11. 11 That's the most happiest he has ever been in his life..

  12. 12 His first picture with a hot girl!

  13. 13 Super Mario always wins!

  14. 14 And that's when she touched a girl first time in his life!

  15. 15 Hover hand level 50 reached!

  16. 16 Why God? Why?

  17. 17 He just wants her to carry him...

  18. 18 When you are the boss!!

  19. 19 Friend zone level: Infinity

  20. 20 She didn't have anyone else to go with!


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