Artists Illustrates Non-Human Cartoon Characters As Humans, And The Results Are Perfect


Cartoons have always played with our imaginations over the years, allowing us to see the unbelievable and question the impossible. We learned the lessons of loyalty, courage, kindness and so much more by watching iconic cartoon movies during our teens.

As we grew up, we saw our beloved cartoon characters reimagined in countless creative ways by numerous artists. Some incredibly talented artists sculptured with endless possibilities of reimagining by giving our favorite non-human furry characters a human face.


In this post, we have collected perfect illustrations by various artists who have gone the extra mile to totally remake these animals, monsters and mythical creatures into remarkably awesome looking people. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Melman From Madagascar

  2. 2 Tuffy Mouse From Tom And Jerry

  3. 3 Nick And Judy

  4. 4 Olaf


  5. 5 Penguins of Madagascar

  6. 6 Daffy Duck

  7. 7 Rainbow Dash From My Little Pony

  8. 8 The Hyenas from "The Lion King"

  9. 9 Mittens And Bolt

  10. 10 Bagheera And Baloo

  11. 11 Scar From The Lion King

  12. 12 Bugs Bunny

  13. 13 Kung Fu Panda

  14. 14 Mickey Mouse

  15. 15 Smurf Gutsy

  16. 16 Minnie Mouse

  17. 17 Cars

  18. 18 Apple Bloom

  19. 19 Chipmunks

  20. 20 Woody Woodpecker

  21. 21 Pikachu

  22. 22 Sonic The Hedgehog

  23. 23 Simba

  24. 24 The Animaniacs

  25. 25 Simba, Scar And Kovu

  26. 26 Gumball And Darwin

  27. 27 Finding Nemo

  28. 28 Wall-E And Eve Humanization

  29. 29 Humanized Louis

  30. 30 Lady And The Tramp

  31. 31 Timon And Pumbaa

  32. 32 Duchess And Thomas O'Malley

  33. 33 Chip 'N' Dale Humanized


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