Artist Visualizes What Would it Look Like If Animals Were Humans


Thomas Subtil is a Paris-based photographer who transforms typical African landscapes and animals into imaginative new realities.   He uses digital manipulation to produce striking compositions of animals doing different human chores.

He created his lighthearted photography series in 2013 when he traveled to Kenya and discovered a completely different wildlife world out there. Subtle’s work was inspired by the famous Loin king saying “Hakuna Matata” which means ‘no worries’ in the Swahili language.


In this post, we have listed up some of our favorite photos from Thomas Subtle’s work.  Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

For more information and details regarding his work, check out the following links:  Facebook |

  1. 1 I'm my own motivation

  2. 2 The air is better up there

  3. 3 Run Samba Run

  4. 4 So how's the weather up there fellas?


  5. 5 What would you call this sport?

  6. 6 The savior is here

  7. 7 I run the circus now

  8. 8 Another kind of jungle book

  9. 9 Buddies for life

  10. 10 The Dark Lord is here to bless us

  11. 11 The weather reporting team

  12. 12 Who needs air planes when you've got Helium

  13. 13 Don't these come in other sizes?

  14. 14 Queues are rule number one

  15. 15 Captain America Reignited

  16. 16 The King doesn't need a ticket

  17. 17 You've gotta pay for this show

  18. 18 This is my concept of Romantic

  19. 19 Thought of getting a dog. Then I changed my mind.

  20. 20 What a Redbull can do to an elephant

  21. 21 That one friend who always fights for you

  22. 22 How long do we have to wait Dad?

  23. 23 When the train from Africa arrives

  24. 24 Taking fake candid photos like

  25. 25 The walk of life

  26. 26 Concrete jungle

  27. 27 Empty the zoos


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