Artist Turns Himself into a Annoying Plane Passenger and Takes Hilariously Entertaining Photos


The world would be a boring place without trolls. Love them or hate them, you cannot deny that trolls sure know how to keep things interesting with their sense of humor. And when we talk about trolls, no one beats Michael James Schneider who is a pro in trolling awful airplane passengers.

In such a confined space with so many strangers, people really do some strange things on airplanes and James is definitely no different than the rest. He turns himself into a trickster plane passenger and takes photos that are hilariously entertaining photos as long as you know that nobody had to deal with this type of passenger in real life.  From people who put up their smelly feet on fellow passenger’s armrests to ones using the bathroom for too long, James mocks every one of them by adding a bit of hilarious twist to his photos. Scroll on to see our curated list of 23 most entertaining photos from his collection and enjoy peeps!


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  1. 1 I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!!

  2. 2 Don't mind me, just doing some yoga here.

  3. 3 Only farted once.

  4. 4 Can someone turn on the hot water, please?


  5. 5 A piñata seriously?

  6. 6 Snakes on a plane.

  7. 7 Probably my favorite thing about flying is the free booze.

  8. 8 Now that's just cruel.

  9. 9 The only way to get some real sleep on a flight.

  10. 10 Hide and seek pro.

  11. 11 Bojack horseman on a plane.

  12. 12 Did someone order a hot dog with extra human?

  13. 13 They guy who's in the bathroom for too long.

  14. 14 High anxiety

  15. 15 Oversized baggage!!

  16. 16 So that's what he's doing in there.

  17. 17 Lepidopterologist on a flight.

  18. 18 Someone please kick his ass.

  19. 19 Put him on the no fly list.

  20. 20 Rough landing.

  21. 21 A flight attendant's worst nightmare.

  22. 22 Lead him off the flight please.

  23. 23 Best Passenger Award.


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