Artist Photoshopped Iconic Cartoon Characters Into Celebrity Photos and It is a Perfect Fit (40 Photos)


Have you ever wondered what Disney characters would look like if they existed in our real world? Well, folks! You’re not alone. Many artists have also thought the same thing and some have even gone ahead and illustrated what they had imagined. Andhika Muksin, a Jakarta-based artist is one of them.

He Photoshops iconic Disney characters into live-action photos of celebrities, and more. He perfectly edits all his photos and makes them strangely compelling.

With more than 72k followers on his Instagram, the self-described “Disney dork” is becoming quite popular on Social media.


In this post, we have listed our favorite photos from Adhika’s collection. Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

You can learn more about his work on the following links: Instagram | Facebook

  1. 1 Cinderella on the red carpet. The sisters be trippin.

  2. 2 I feel sorry for you if you're not a Knicks fan

  3. 3 Going through the evil plans in my mind

  4. 4 The red head Wildling


  5. 5 When the paparazzi asks for another pose

  6. 6 We've got a special guest with us to present the award

  7. 7 Disney girl's day out

  8. 8 Love is in the air

  9. 9 My sun and stars

  10. 10 Can wonder woman save him?

  11. 11 Not so Frozen anymore

  12. 12 The camera's aimed at the baby

  13. 13 Beware of my evil

  14. 14 This reminded me of my boss

  15. 15 Early morning duties

  16. 16 That would have been one hell of a scene

  17. 17 Look who I spotted on the subway

  18. 18 Event the princess needs some Vitamin D

  19. 19 When he's got less belly fat than you

  20. 20 All hail people of the color

  21. 21 The carpet must be given an oscar for its supporting role

  22. 22 The Spice Girls reignited

  23. 23 I'd pay to not watch this show

  24. 24 Justin Honey, it's time for the kiss.

  25. 25 I'm here to look for Gamora

  26. 26 This one could really use a nose

  27. 27 They wanted me to show some skin

  28. 28 Traveling the world on their terms

  29. 29 Is this makeup waterproof?

  30. 30 Girls posing on night outs like

  31. 31 It's a free world

  32. 32 Dance lessons with some special visitors

  33. 33 This is why they stay in the toilet for so long

  34. 34 The destruction gang

  35. 35 Best actress in a negative role

  36. 36 You decide

  37. 37 Wings or Ice?


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