Artist Impressively Merged Cartoon Characters Into Famous Movie And TV Scenes


Raise your hands if you don’t love Disney princesses. We all swoon over our childhood Disney royalties, at least most of us do. Many artists have reimagined our favorite Disney characters that go against Disney ideals. But, the artist behind Instagram page “one fairy fail”, Omerika took a bit of humorous approach in perpetuating the idea of replacing people with famous Disney and other cartoon characters in photos. She brings bring back nostalgic childhood memories for some people and inspires others who haven’t had the chance to watch these cult movies before.  She has created several marvelous illustrations by merging her favorite Disney characters with famous movie and tv serial scenes.

So folks, are you curious to see what we’re talking about? Scroll on to see our curated list of some hilarious illustrations from Omerika’s collection. We bet you’ll be amazed to see her work. Enjoy peeps!


More info: onefairyfail



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