Artist Hilariously Turns Relatable Crazy Motherhood Moments into Comics


Motherhood takes over all aspects of your life. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and all your social activities starts to revolve around your kids who wreak havoc upon everything. Even the simple things like taking a nap or watching a movie seems like the most difficult task because with kids, there are baby tantrums, nappies to change or vomits to clean. It’s the biggest life-changing event my friend which ultimately alters every perspective of your life.

Like many of us, Sabrina Lone was overwhelmed to learn how much the reality of parenting diverged from her assumptions and expectations. She created a comic series about two fictional girls – Debi and Bebi and added a funny twist to problems mothers have to face every day. Sabrina says she created the characters based on herself and her friend – the artist is German while her friend is a Pakistani.


In this post, we have curated our favorite comics from her collection that perfectly and hilariously encapsulates motherhood moments. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

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  1. 1 Who has time to go to the parlor anymore.

  2. 2 One of the hardest jobs in the world.

  3. 3 Multitasking skills are on another level.

  4. 4 I can appreciate that.


  5. 5 The only thing keeping me going.

  6. 6 Love your little gremlins.

  7. 7 Gotta make the most of what time you have.

  8. 8 Finally some peace and quiet.

  9. 9 Mothers unite.

  10. 10 A little support goes a long way.

  11. 11 You can't take on everything alone.

  12. 12 You never realize the sacrifices they made until you go through it yourself.

  13. 13 Personal Chef.

  14. 14 Time to update that CV.

  15. 15 Crisis averted.

  16. 16 Just filter out the noise.

  17. 17 It's all about synchronization.

  18. 18 It's harder than you think.

  19. 19 Time to put up a sign.

  20. 20 Mothers go through so much.

  21. 21 We should appreciate our moms more.

  22. 22 Baby logic.

  23. 23 Pregnancy fat.

  24. 24 Help your mama out sometimes.

  25. 25 What glow?

  26. 26 Cherish these moments.

  27. 27 PTSD.

  28. 28 Leave the baby alone!!!

  29. 29 Nothing a little duct tape can't fix.

  30. 30 Motherhood problems.

  31. 31 Valuable advice indeed.

  32. 32 Baby looks cute: check. Husbands hair and skin looks good and he looks happy and proud: check. Wife looks like she was in labour and just pressed out a human: check.

  33. 33 You have to admit they're catchy.

  34. 34 Basically, their whole world.

  35. 35 Note it down ladies.


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