Artist Hilariously Illustrates the Long Term Relationship


When people are just starting their relationship they’re trying to be their best selves in an effort to impress their partner, however as their relationship grows stronger they become more comfortable with each other and their masks come off revealing both the good and the embarrassing parts of their personality.

This transition has been beautifully illustrated by Brazilian artist Crislane Passos through the story of Max and Julia, a wonderful couple with a lot of differences among themselves who lead a love-filled chaotic life.


Scroll down to browse through some of the most adorable comics of Max and Julia. You can check out more of Crislane’s work here: Instagram


  1. 1 The baby all couples need

  2. 2 Should ask the dog

  3. 3 Different trigger points

  4. 4 Jealous of the greasy soul


  5. 5 Straight outta Paris

  6. 6 Popping pimples is no fun

  7. 7 He's just like a dog. Dumb and happy.

  8. 8 Did she just? Yes, she did.

  9. 9 Living in the dream

  10. 10 Unwanted tattoos

  11. 11 Growing together

  12. 12 Equal rights for men

  13. 13 Pacoca would really come in handy

  14. 14 Every single time

  15. 15 Christmas shenanigans

  16. 16 Waxing really isn't for men

  17. 17 Anger enhances her beauty even more

  18. 18 Men will be men

  19. 19 Paws of joy

  20. 20 Gotta know all the moods

  21. 21 It's never just one bite

  22. 22 I don't need you no more!

  23. 23 Different interests but the same amount of love from both sides

  24. 24 I would go miles with you and not look back

  25. 25 Just the way she likes it

  26. 26 It's easier to sort things out with him

  27. 27 Fitness goals

  28. 28 Look what I made for you

  29. 29 Worth getting broken for

    More info: Instagram (h/t)


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