Artist Hilariously Illustrates The Life Before and After Kids


Once you have kids, your life will never be the same again.

They’ll take over all aspects of your life. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & all your activities between those times will all revolve around your kids who will wreak havoc upon everything. These life changes have been accurately depicted in a comic series “Messy Cow” by Weng Chen.

Weng Chen has been drawing since she was a kid. She’s passionate about arts and draws her comics in the time that she gets between her chores. Being a mother of two kids, she understands the struggles of being a parent, and that is why she does such a good job of illustrating these struggles in her comic series.

You can learn more about Weng Chen’s comics and artwork on the following links: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | h/t


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.



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