Artist Creates Hard to Believe Photos Without Using Photoshop


Victoria Dall was modeling not so long ago participating in various photo shoots and following the mainstream fashion trends.  However, she had a creative spirit that got bored with the monotonous routine, and so she decided to do something different. She came up with her own creative ideas for photos that were nothing like the current trends in the industry. As change often faces resistance, her work didn’t receive the recognition it deserves and none of the photographers agreed to do her photo shoot. Not giving up, Victoria Dall took the matters into her own hands. She created her own Instagram account and started posting pictures of herself there. 

Bemethis got inspired by her story. Everybody should have the courage to pursue their dreams. The beauty of her work is that none of her work is photoshopped, these are all original pictures and each picture tells a story. 


Listed below are 30 pictures by Victoria, you’re sure to love her unorthodox style:



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