Artist Continues Putting Iconic Characters Into Real Life Surroundings (New Photos)


Like many of us, Francois Dourlen found inspiration in everyday life. He once wrote and we quote, “The scenes of everyday life always make me think of things I’ve seen in cartoons, movies or video games. With this kind of photo, I can show people what goes through my head daily.” That’s why the famous and fictional subjects in his snaps set his work apart from the rest of the artist community.

François Dourlen is a creative French Photographer who features his iPhone in creative photographs by placing characters from popular films like Snow-white, Mulan, the lion king and more into real-life situations. He positions his phone just at the right angle so the picture inside the phone seems like an extension to the reality surrounding it.


Due to his creativity, Francois has accumulated more than 190k followers on his Instagram profile. He’s becoming quite popular on the social media. Scroll on to see some amazing photos by Francois that we have listed below and enjoy peeps.

More info: Instagram | Facebook


  2. 2 I never understood why people made naked statues.

  3. 3 Isn't that how seals normally look.

  4. 4 When you're shorter siblings try to get your ice cream.


  5. 5 Harley Quinn as a kid.

  6. 6 It's so fluffy!

  7. 7 It's a standoff.

  8. 8 Captain Hook's Umbrella.

  9. 9 When someone asks for water.

  10. 10 Sea lion king.

  11. 11 Perfect Kamehameha.

  12. 12 I can't tell if it's Goku or Goten.

  13. 13 Snow White on the beach.

  14. 14 So Cauliflowers are sheep afros. Hmm...

  15. 15 Mother of Dragons

  16. 16 Moana riding the subway.

  17. 17 So that's what they were building.

  18. 18 There goes Chaplin.

  19. 19 Rajah is the best tiger ever.

  20. 20 Someone help Quasimodo.

  21. 21 What? I'm just trying to find something to eat here.

  22. 22 That's exactly why people should have taken the Area 51 thing a little more seriously.

  23. 23 No one arm wrestle with this dude.

  24. 24 Here, kitty, kitty, kitty.

  25. 25 Marines squirrel squad.

  26. 26 If Batman was a little more realistic.

  27. 27 He looks like he just heard a great joke.

  28. 28 If they made an anime about the World Cup.

  29. 29 So Rapunzel and Flynn are the ones to blame.

  30. 30 Modern day lamp.

  31. 31 The force is strong with this one.

  32. 32 You never know what might happen with Inspector Gadget.

  33. 33 Madagascar made me change how I look at zoo animals.

  34. 34 No wonder Tarzan got the girl with a body like that.

  35. 35 King Arthur.

  36. 36 Something smells fishy.

  37. 37 Poor Sylvester always gets himself into trouble.

  38. 38 Banana.


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