30+ Funny Photos of Clumsy Animals Having a Rough Day


Clumsiness is a curse that troubles both humans and animals alike. Like clumsy people fall and break things everywhere they go, clumsy animals do the same. They’re often found stuck in all sorts of odd places and must be rescued from time to time. 

In this post we have listed up adorable photos of clumsy animals stuck in one peril or another. The 26th photo is seriously surprising. How did that cat get up there?


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the pet owners in your list. 

  1. 1 Animals can also be two faced

  2. 2 Imma fly into the space hooman

  3. 3 Do you wanna build a snowman?

  4. 4 It's a different world out there


  5. 5 Mordor or Ice age?

  6. 6 You wanna what here?

  7. 7 Cat Bath Returns!

  8. 8 Cute creature demands for help

  9. 9 Just out for a stroll

  10. 10 I hear my cat crying in the bathroom, walking in, I see this.

  11. 11 When you ask the barber for just a trim

  12. 12 I would like to know the story

  13. 13 One of them just curved a perfect free kick and the other one did a last-ditched tackle

  14. 14 I didn't do it!

  15. 15 The Hunger Games

  16. 16 I can hear you but its way too dark to see anything

  17. 17 Hey mate! Go straight, take a left and come save me

  18. 18 How did the head even get in there?!

  19. 19 Come, have a seat!

  20. 20 Auditioning for the CIA

  21. 21 They call me pussy...

  22. 22 Third Degree Torture techniques

  23. 23 Talk to the butt mate

  24. 24 The Mask (Underwater Edition)

  25. 25 She was being naughty

  26. 26 This is my Kitty's workout warm up

  27. 27 PsBattle: Golden Retreiver Eyeballing a Grill Full of Chops.

  28. 28 Moo-ve this ASAP

  29. 29 Movie vs real life

  30. 30 They said you can be anything, so I became a chair

  31. 31 Behind bars

  32. 32 Never let go Rose, never let go...

  33. 33 That's my child you're starring at!


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