30+ Unbelievable Sand Art Sculptures That Will Amaze You


Some go to the beach to surf the waves; others go there to make sand art sculptures!

And like surfers vary in their skill level from amateur to expert, the sand artists come in diverse experience levels as well. They come up with all sorts of creative art sculptures ranging from basic sand castles to complex statues and a lot more.


In this post we have listed up photos of some of the most creative and well-crafted sand sculptures.

Scroll down and enjoy peeps. Do you know anyone who can create good sand art? Share this post with them to let them know that you’re thinking of them!

  1. 1 The Mummy Returns

  2. 2 Me sleeping on Friday night after a hectic meeting

  3. 3 Sandcastle!

  4. 4 How mum feeds me when I'm not angry at all


  5. 5 This is what my sister looks like when she doesn't let me touch the remote

  6. 6 Into the palms of nature

  7. 7 This should be an emoji

  8. 8 Harder Daddy

  9. 9 The poster for Jaws 2.0 is ready

  10. 10 It's massage time

  11. 11 Sand Sculpture in Taiwan

  12. 12 National Koala Love Day

  13. 13 This is simply amazing!!

  14. 14 Pele who?

  15. 15 Better than Mike Tyson's upper cut

  16. 16 Dream holiday destination

  17. 17 Dumbo's back

  18. 18 dolphin sand sculpture

  19. 19 Scratching groin in public like

  20. 20 Unbelievable Batman Sand Sculpture in Parksville, British Columbia

  21. 21 Puppy circus carrier

  22. 22 ET Phone Home

  23. 23 The King of all sand castles

  24. 24 Heritage of the Red Indians

  25. 25 Couldn't bear the summer heat

  26. 26 My child with his bestfriend

  27. 27 Protecting the kin

  28. 28 Mommy Level = 10000

  29. 29 All organic Terminator

  30. 30 The beach lady doesn't seem to pleased to see me...

  31. 31 Waiting for all the Dragon balls to be found

  32. 32 Willi Wonka's chocolate factory

  33. 33 If you are in the Hong Kong area be sure to check out this massive sand project at Ocean Park. Over 500 tons of intricately arranged particles of sand.

  34. 34 Build yourself a colourful dreamland!!

  35. 35 The Tortellini family balancing act


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