Amazing Things In Japan You Wish You Have In Your Life


Japanese are creative geniuses. At least that’s what they say about most of them. They’re known to lead the world in the world of technology and innovation. Japan is full of eccentric inventions that are both cool and highly useful. 

We’ve all been frustrated at public toilets when we have to check practically all the cabins to find one that is unoccupied. It is both embarrassing and annoying. Japanese have found a way around it. They’ve display systems in bathrooms showing the cabins that are occupied or unoccupied. This makes it easier to find an unoccupied bathroom without having to tap at each door. 

Not just that, while you pee, you can play games in the loo on fixed screens. You even have a baby seat to hold your little one as you relieve yourself.  Now that’s too much talk about the bathroom, but let’s be honest here. We all want that in our toilets don’t we?


There’s a lot of other cool stuff as well. They’ve disposable phone wipes, and Pink Pepsi. It is just cool! Following are 20 things in Japan that you’ll wish you have in your life: 



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