27 Amazing Photo Manipulations


Art is all about creativity and imagination. Over the ages like other things art has also gone through a lot of, new forms of arts have been introduced which are different from traditional and conventional arts. However, one thing hasn’t changed: To be a good artist you need to have creativity and imagination. One modern form of art is a photo manipulation.


Listed below are 27 amazing pictures in which brilliant artists used their creativity and imagination to manipulate regular photos to create something unique and brilliant. Scroll down peeps and enjoy these amazing masterpieces.

  1. 1 At least the vase is still intact!

  2. 2 Perfection!

  3. 3 Waiting for her to get up so I can move on..

  4. 4 That's some pretty impressive skills!


  5. 5 Because driving vehicles is too mainstream!

  6. 6 Quite a hole those ants made!

  7. 7 Creativity at its best!

  8. 8 Photoshop must be so proud!

  9. 9 That's one creative mind!

  10. 10 Is that Superman?

  11. 11 When he is the painter and the painting!

  12. 12 I wish I had Photoshop skills like this!

  13. 13 Which face should I put on today?

  14. 14 The octopus doesn't seem to like him!

  15. 15 I though building roads was tough!

  16. 16 Some things are just not breakable!

  17. 17 I brought the sea to my home!

  18. 18 I hope they reach their destination..

  19. 19 Who else hate mosquitoes?

  20. 20 Lets see who can howl louder!

  21. 21 I wish I had imagination of this level!

  22. 22 So calm up there.. You guys should try it!

  23. 23 That's not fair to the Zebra!

  24. 24 When the teacher is so strict, you have to study even when on vacations!

  25. 25 That's one yummy looking watermelon!

  26. 26 What should I wear? upper body or lower body?

  27. 27 When you teach kids Photoshop!


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