20+ Amazing Photos Taken From Perfect Angle


Good photographers don’t need Photoshop to add perspective and depth to their photos. All they need is a good camera and obedient subjects to get the job done right. Photoshop is always there for backup, but they’re never dependent on it. They understand that true magic lies not in photo editing, it exists in the moments that they’re looking to capture. And that magic can only be captured by good camera work.


Listed in this post are more than 30 photos taken by skilled photographers who have gotten all the angles right to produce a perfect picture. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.


  1. 1 Even the Chinese would look at this twice

  2. 2 She’s very good at doing those handstands.

  3. 3 Award for the most badass goggles goes to

  4. 4 Look honey, I got myself a new body


  5. 5 Catzilla!!

  6. 6 When you run outta hair wax

  7. 7 Subway superman

  8. 8 The spidey gang

  9. 9 Mango mile

  10. 10 Only the dirty minded would get it

  11. 11 Need a lift lil one?

  12. 12 Perspective

  13. 13 Shipwreck Surfer!

  14. 14 Kicking the barn down!

  15. 15 Over my head

  16. 16 Playing with perspective!!

  17. 17 At first I thought it's a bat

  18. 18 Carrying the gang

  19. 19 Let's move you aside

  20. 20 One sip would be enough

  21. 21 Don't drop it!

  22. 22 Photo-walk with the fam

  23. 23 You just gotta find the opening

  24. 24 Get your girl a razor dude

  25. 25 Me in the morning after I had too much to drink last night

  26. 26 He's got the nations support

  27. 27 Twisting and turning

  28. 28 Mexican food doesn't suit me at all

  29. 29 Humpty Dumpty seems surprised


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