36 Stupendous Body-Paint Costumes For Halloween


Halloween is right around the corner folks! Did you start planning what you're wearing this year? And don't you say you're too old to dress up, because you can never be too old for Halloween. Let yourself live in fantasy for at least one day in the year. You won't regret it.


If you haven't already gotten a costume, then try a body-point costume this year. You can create some seriously awesome costumes by using body paint. In this post we have listed up more than 36 awesome body-paint costumes for Halloween that you can take inspiration from. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Gutted to the roots

  2. 2 Who needs black panther?

  3. 3 Halloween themed weddings are creepy

  4. 4 Joker hand paint


  5. 5 Just Zip it

  6. 6 How I feel when in a relationship

  7. 7 Are you into clowns?

  8. 8 The mummy returns

  9. 9 Smile while you can

  10. 10 Shine like a star

  11. 11 How I terrified my boyfriend on Halloween.

  12. 12 Let me take you to my world

  13. 13 I would love some federal punishment right now

  14. 14 Spot the demon

  15. 15 Why so serious?

  16. 16 The Night Queen

  17. 17 How Hulk's girlfriend scares him on Halloween

  18. 18 Gamora with extra makeup

  19. 19 The seal of society on my lips

  20. 20 Just came back to party

  21. 21 When you put glue in your hair

  22. 22 Those cheekbones would put a spell on you

  23. 23 Unicorns are nothing like I had imagined

  24. 24 The Aqua Goddess

  25. 25 There's empty spaces in all of us

  26. 26 Look into my eyes. That's where you'll find yourself.

  27. 27 Winter has come

  28. 28 The Night King's distant cousins are pretty colorful

  29. 29 The Neon beauty

  30. 30 Gotta impress the Predators

  31. 31 50 shades of grey

  32. 32 I just wanna talk

  33. 33 She rules the forests

  34. 34 ET phone home

  35. 35 Ghost rider 2.0

  36. 36 Midnight's assasin


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