35 Most Impressive Examples of Amazing Street Art


Art surrounds us in many shapes and forms. It is everywhere. It is not just limited to the homes of artists, art collectors or even art galleries. You can even find art on the streets.

In this post we have listed up over 35 photos of mesmerizing street art. Do not skip over the 12th photo, it is absolutely enchanting.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with all the art lovers in your list, they will love it.

  1. 1 He isn't afraid of Sharks

  2. 2 Mr. Dino is hungry

  3. 3 It's a white facade

  4. 4 Donate to the imaginary community


  5. 5 I bet this is the first time you're seeing the rest of her

  6. 6 And then school happened

  7. 7 Art can be really confusing at times

  8. 8 Canary Wharf 3D Amazing Art

  9. 9 Better watch out for the road cracks

  10. 10 The third eye

  11. 11 When the road contractor took a Caribbean holiday with the money

  12. 12 Me in the toilet after eating Tacos

  13. 13 This guy is a wizard/graffiti artist.

  14. 14 My friends drinking my coke like

  15. 15 How women look at me when I say hi

  16. 16 Top notch camera quality

  17. 17 Art gives you wings. Red bull doesn't.

  18. 18 SHARK by VIM

  19. 19 You never know what lurks around the corner...

  20. 20 On top of the world

  21. 21 It's a game of Gods

  22. 22 Art that matters

  23. 23 Lurking in the Sewer

  24. 24 Straight into Roman Empire

  25. 25 Some Where In Pamplona

  26. 26 Who needs repairs when you've got street art?

  27. 27 Urban street art Paris France.

  28. 28 Wanna go snorkeling?

  29. 29 Come and join the Green Gang

  30. 30 Rising from the dungeons

  31. 31 Edgar Müller’s amazing Street Art

  32. 32 If Dracula had a pet

  33. 33 Blessed by the angels

  34. 34 This paint has more strength than my ambitions

  35. 35 Lamps in a park. Turin, Italy.


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