Amazing Marketing By the gods of Marketing


Good marketing isn’t always about a big budget. Good marketing is about creativity, clarity and experience. A good advertisement is the one that grabs your attention by catching your eye among infinite distractions. Not only that, a good advertisement stays in your mind long after you first see the ad.


In this post, we have compiled a list of some jaw-dropping ads by creative marketing gurus working in various companies. You’ll seriously love the way they’ve marketed their brands. Scroll on and enjoy peeps:

  1. 1 Taking 3D realistic advertisement technology to the next level

  2. 2 A best example of used products and Physics

  3. 3 Escape from work! Book anytime, go everywhere

  4. 4 Healthcare Advertising!


  5. 5 Max Shoes!

  6. 6 Levis Campaign - Jeans recut for Women

  7. 7 Sexy way to promote use of paper bags

  8. 8 Coco Cola taking advertisement to the next level

  9. 9 Stickers can fool dogs too

  10. 10 Great usage of night glowing stickers

  11. 11 The right use of Gorilla advertisement at the right time

  12. 12 When designers take over the advertisement industry

  13. 13 New Virtual Reality skiing

  14. 14 Intelligent bakery advertisement

  15. 15 How to keep the citizens fit

  16. 16 One of the best Indoor branding

  17. 17 Brilliant Bat Light advertisement idea before the launch of the movie

  18. 18 Modern furniture advertisement with modern era touch

  19. 19 A mini football game while in the toilet

  20. 20 Surely it does for Tea fans

  21. 21 The 3D advertisements

  22. 22 Choose according to your size

  23. 23 Size! where it matter the most

  24. 24 Supersized 3D Luggage to attract tourists attraction

  25. 25 Big Balloon effective advertisement

  26. 26 Perth Zoo: Shark Bus

  27. 27 The real BIG BABOL XXL Bubble Gum

  28. 28 At least they are trying to keep the environment fresh

  29. 29 Its literally zero Cola cause nothing is coming out of the regular bottle

  30. 30 Insane Mini Cooper Chandelier at Milan Furniture Fair

  31. 31 Experiential for St. Martin Tourism. This would make a fun journey to work

  32. 32 Giant soup carton arrives in Covent Garden- For every person down the ladle slide a bowl of soup was donated to the a homeless person.

  33. 33

  34. 34 Coca cola Street marketing beach!

  35. 35 Great combination of a bag design using the handles as part of the motif


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