30 Mind-Boggling and Amazing Body Paint Optical Illusions


Art is said to be an expression of the soul. The pain, love, passion and beliefs that can’t be put into words manifest as various forms of art. Some paint, some sing, some write, others build. There are so many different kinds of art and more and more forms are evolving over time.

One of the modern forms of art is body painting. In body painting, artists use human body as their canvas.  They come up with a variety of different designs exhibiting their unique style.


In this post we have shared our favorite photos showing body painting that generate optical illusions. Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 The sea horse glows

  2. 2 My parrot felt lonely. So I became his cousin.

  3. 3 Pretty sure this can't walk

  4. 4 Human Motorcycle!


  5. 5 When the clock strikes midnight

  6. 6 Embrace

  7. 7 The walk of giants

  8. 8 Avatar 2

  9. 9 The flight of love

  10. 10 A pain in the ass...

  11. 11 Where's my weasel?

  12. 12 Dumbo Graffiti

  13. 13 How many legs do you count?

  14. 14 Crab for dinner?

  15. 15 How long can you pose like this?

  16. 16 Crack this one

  17. 17 Not possible without being pregnant

  18. 18 Free the wings

  19. 19 Honey makers

  20. 20 You've got your own shoulder to rest upon

  21. 21 The fish and water share a bond no one talks about

  22. 22 Running the Eye magic

  23. 23 As hard as a stone

  24. 24 Looking for Nemo

  25. 25 The colorful ant's society

  26. 26 Body Crash By Emma Hack!

  27. 27 The mighty tusk

  28. 28 Tribute to Sher Khan

  29. 29 Bridge the gaps

  30. 30 As clever as a fox


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