30 Artists With Jaw Dropping Artistic Skills


Art is the expression of the soul; what can’t be put into words manifests into art. It speaks of passion, pain, love, hatred, confinement, freedom and so many other emotions.

As personality differs from person to person, so does art. Each artist has his/her own unique style. This is why we find so much diversity in both form and style of art.


In this post we have listed up our favorite photos of sculptures by talented artists all over the globe. Each sculpture holds a personality of its own reflecting the culture and the values of the artist that created them.

Scroll on and enjoy peeps:


  1. 1 Helping hand

  2. 2 The Golden shower

  3. 3 Forever popping bubbles

  4. 4 Made Out Of Rubber Tires


  5. 5 Washing away

  6. 6 When someone finds you in hide and seek

  7. 7 The amount of detail is huge

  8. 8 Rest in peace

  9. 9 El Tigre

  10. 10 The sea of love

  11. 11 Keeps the doctor away

  12. 12 Just hope you don't walk down here at night

  13. 13 Chubby Cheeks Simba!! Watercolour painting with a twist of imagination & fun

  14. 14 Taking the soul away

  15. 15 The wooden dimensions

  16. 16 Transparent beauty

  17. 17 Viscous matter

  18. 18 Living through the music

  19. 19 Hair to die for

  20. 20 Empty sightings

  21. 21 Piece by piece

  22. 22 The illuminated gem

  23. 23 Free yourself!

  24. 24 All hail the Lord of light

  25. 25 Don't mess with the liquid lady

  26. 26 It's a new universe

  27. 27 Amazon on a plate

  28. 28 Diving deep into the eyes

  29. 29 Make some space

  30. 30 STONE CARVING by Emmanuel Augier


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