9 Ultra Stylish Haircuts You’ll be Asking For in 2018


2018 is the year of extreme style, spunk and bang. There’s more experimentation going on, a more carefree spirit is prevailing and lots of emphasis on individuality and uniqueness is seen. Since hairstyles are more than just style statements, women are using this form of personal expression to show-off their originality and excitement.  

So what haircut trends are more rampant this year? Ones that bespoke freshness, low maintenance, originality and experimentation. Let’s take a look.

  1. 1 The Blunt Bob

    It's edgier, brave and very chic. Style it up with bangs or just leave it as is, the blunt bob or straight bob is a great way to make your mark. 

    It isn't very high maintenance but you will need to visit your hairstylist after every month or so to keep the symmetry in check.

  2. 2 The Shag

    Shag is everybody's favorite. It gives off a very lived-in feel and can be styled in many ways depending on your look or feel of the day. You can keep it shoulder-length or grow it out and then mix it with bangs and layers.

    It is not high maintenance at all. You can use curling irons to style it or even a straight iron and experiment with your look. It is as easy to wear in summers as in winters. The beanie hats don't ruin this cut at all as they do the long hairs. The short length is also a lifesaver in the scorching sun of summers.

  3. 3 Curtain Bangs

    For a more sophisticated and feminine look, curtain bangs are your answer. They are usually centre-parted and more and more women are looking into its style potential. They look amazing with varying lengths of hair and aren't difficult to maintain.

  4. 4 Long Layers a.k.a Multi-layering


    Cascading layers or multilayering is a hot favorite for longer lengths of hair. You can make them really big and fresh with a lot of volume and carefree style. You can opt to further style up the layers with some cute bangs or choose to go without.

  5. 5 Geometry and Asymmetry

     Asymmetrical and angular lines are all the rage this year. These blunt lines speak of edginess, uniqueness and individuality. Expressions that 2018 has totally embraced and is thriving on.


    Though these cuts really shine on shorter hair, but if you don't want to go too short, the angular lines to any length up to the shoulder will not disappoint you. 

  6. 6 Androgynus Cuts and Styles

    The mullets, shags, Gavroche and all other cuts that are more towards the androgynous side are being spotted everywhere in 2018. With conversations evolving towards personal style and individual statements, more and more people are experimenting with cuts that are nontraditional, retro and nonconforming.

    What you need to be mindful of is, these cuts require serious commitment and maintenance.

  7. 7 The Varied Pixie

    The Pixie cut, in all its variation, is here to stay. Its allure is its carefree spirit and a shorter do without going to the extreme. It gives a boyish look and is very easy to manage. If you want to experiment with it more, you can opt for a bright colored pixie or mix 2 or more colors. It will truly give your style an edge.

  8. 8 The Ultra Short Cuts

    The crewcut and the undercuts are unquestionably the cuts of 2018. Nothing is as big on experimentation and individuality as cutting off half of your hair. If the crew cut sounds too extreme for you, go for an undercut, in which you have shorter cut under and a long style upfront.

    The crew cut looks great with statment jewellery and a lot of spunk. Add some bright hues to your crew/undercut and seriously slay.

  9. 9 The Curly Bob

    The bob is not only for straight hair. The curly girls can totally decide to have a bob and enjoy a shorter length without compromising on style. It looks good varying short lengths and hair textures. It is also quite low-maintenance and grows out extremely well.

    So, which haircut will you be making your own this year?


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