Get Rid of Those Unwanted Facial Hair In 10 Easy and Natural Ways


If you are annoyed with unwanted facial hairs that keep sprouting up under your chin, upper lips and sideburns and mess up your fashion and beauty style, we have assembled a list of home remedies to take care of this stubborn beauty nuisance. 

These home remedies use natural ingredients to remove facial hair which means no chemical damage to the skin, no exposing it to harsh radiations and no frequent trips to the salon for expensive wax appointments.

Just a quick look in your kitchen cabinets will give you all the essential ingredients you need for these home treatments to get rid of unwanted facial hair.

  1. 1 Home-made Sugar Wax

    Women have been using wax to get rid of unwanted body hair for centuries. You can now make your own homemade wax using sugar and water. 

    In a bowl take two tablespoons of sugar and pour a tablespoon of honey and water each. Now place this bowl in your microwave and heat it for 30 seconds. When the sugar dissolves completely, stir it well to mix in with the liquids and apply thin strips of the mixture on your hair. Let it sit for a few seconds till it dries then quickly rip off in the opposite direction of hair growth. 

    You can use this liquid to get rid of hairs on your forehead, chin, upper lips, and sideburns etc.

    Why it works:

    Sugar is a great scrubbing agent and due to it being sticky, it is amazing at pulling off fine hairs without damaging the skin. The honey soothes and any pain or irritation caused by wax can be lessened with the use of honey.

  2. 2 Sugaring

    Sugaring is very similar to waxing and has been in use as a hair removing agent since ancient Egypt. Unlike waxing though, it works by pulling hair in the direction of hair growth, not the other way around. This way it causes less skin irritation and pain. 

    Take a quarter cup of heated water. Add two cups of granulated sugar in it. Pour in a quarter cup of lemon juice and let the mixture boil. Heat it till you see it bubbling. When that happens, turn down the heat and let the mixture simmer. When it turns a bit amber-colored after about 25 minutes, take it off heat and let it cool.

    Put some baby powder/cornstarch on your skin and spread the mixture on your face. Make sure to do it in the opposite direction of hair growth. Place a clean cotton strip or a rag over this layer of paste and let it sit for a few minutes. Now pull off in one quick motion in the direction of hair growth.

  3. 3 Threading

    If waxing isn't the thing for you, try threading. Threading is a centuries-old cosmetic procedure, a very quick and relatively painless process where the hairs are pulled off using regular thread. 

    Usually, the procedure is done by an expert but it is an easy enough procedure to learn and if you want, you can learn how to do it on yourself and others. Threading is especially effective in getting rid of really fine, tiny hairs that are left behind by waxing and epilators.

  4. 4 Egg Whites Mask

    Photo by Fabrizio Bucella on Unsplash

    Create a nice, thick paste of one egg white, one tablespoon of regular white sugar and half tablespoon of cornstarch. You have to beat it till it adopts a smooth consistency. Now apply it on your face and let it dry. After a while you'll notice it is turning hard, let it continue. When the whole paste is dry and hard, grab and pull off. Make it a quick motion. 

    Why it works:

    Egg whites create a very nice, tightening mask. They are commonly used in homemade facial procedures as pore-tightening agents. Because they stick to the skin so well and smoothly, they are also used as a hair-removal ingredient.

    Cornstarch is a great exfoliator. Using it in hair-removing procedures also ensures a smoother, cleaner skin afterwards.

  5. 5 Papaya Turmeric Paste

    You need some raw papaya, a few chunks of it. Add in a teaspoon of turmeric powder and the mash the two together. Apply the thick paste on the hair you want to remove. 

    You have to keep massaging it gently until the skin absorbs most of it. Now let it sit and dry. It will take 10-15 minutes. Now rinse off with warm water. 

    Unlike the methods above, this treatment will take some time to work. Because you won't be pulling off or scrubbing off any hair, there is going to be a less visible difference with this treatment. But its effects will last more. Use it once every week to notice a visible difference in a month or two.

    Why it works:

    Papaya contains an enzyme, papain, that naturally breaks down the hair follicles, gradually resulting into less hair growth. The compounds in turmeric also kill off the hair from the roots, which means, prevention of hair growth.

    The two ingredients combined, over time, will result in your facial hair disappearing. 

  6. 6 Potato and Lentils

    It is a centuries-old South Asian beauty treatment to get rid of unwanted facial hair. All you need is a potato, one cup of over-night soaked yellow lentils (moong daal)  which you can easily get from an Indian store, a tablespoon of honey and fresh lemon juice each.

    Using a food processor, make a thick paste of lentils. Put it aside. Slice the potatoes and crush them in the food processor too. Pass this mixture through a sieve and collect as much potato juice as possible. Combine this juice with the lentils mixture. Add in the honey and lemon juice and mix it well. 

    Apply it over your unwanted hair and let it sit. After about 20-30 minutes it will dry off completely. Now scrub it off your face, the mixture will fall off along with all the unwanted hair. To really make it effective, do it twice or thrice a month.

    Why it works:


    The lentils, when dry, turn into a scrub and take off the unwanted hair and dead skin cells when they go. The bleaching properties of potato will make the remaining hair less visible. 

  7. 7 Gelatin Face Mask

    Gelatin may seem like an odd choice of hair removal, but it actually works. Take some regular, unflavored gelatin powder and mix it with three tablespoons of whole milk. Add a few drops of fresh lemon juice, a couple of lavender essential oil and heat the mixture in a microwave for 15-20 seconds.

    Apply the hot mixture directly to your face and let it sit for 5 minutes. Now just peel off the mask, eliminating all the unwanted facial hair in the process. This treatment also takes care of blackheads and dead skin cells.

     Why it works:

    Gelatin is sticky and can easily remove fine facial hairs. The bleaching properties of lemon juice will make the remaining hairs less visible and the essential oil will soothe and soften your skin.

  8. 8 Chickpea Flour

    It is also called 'gram flour' or besan. 

    Mix one tablespoon of gram flour, half teaspoon of plain yogurt and a quarter teaspoon of turmeric. As a bonus, you can add a half-teaspoon of rose water to make it more effective. Make sure the mixture is really smooth and well combined. Now apply it over your face as a mask and let it dry. In about 20 minutes it will dry and harden. Using your fingers, scrub off the mask, and the unwanted hair with it.  

    Why it works:

    Chickpea flour or gram flour is a natural exfoliator for your skin. It removes dead skin, lightens your skin color and the color of the remaining hairs, if any.

    The compounds in turmeric will work towards preventing hair growth and yogurt will make your skin smooth and shiny.

  9. 9 Honey and Lemon Juice

    The mask is easy to make. Just mix one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice with four tablespoons of honey. Spread it on your face and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Now dip a soft washcloth in lukewarm water and gently remove the mask from your face.

    It removes the finer hair from your face, prevents hair growth and makes your skin healthier, softer and safer from a myriad of skin conditions. Doing this twice a week for a few month will make sure that your facial hair growth has visibly lessened and your skin has improved overall.

    Why it works:

    Honey is sticky which makes it a natural choice to remove hairs without damaging the skin. Lemon cleanses the skin, exfoliates and bleaches. Meaning, any remaining hairs are less visible, the skin is lighter in color, cleaner and the dead skin is wiped off.

  10. 10 Oatmeal and Banana Scrub

    Another scrubbing mask for hair removal is a mixture of banana and oatmeal. Take two tablespoons of oatmeal and mix it with a ripe banana using a food processor. 

    Spread this mixture over your face and gently massage it using your fingers. Let the skin absorb it. Now leave it on your face for 15-20 minutes till it completely dries. Wash it off with cold water afterwards.

    Why it works:

    The grainy texture of oatmeal makes it a good scrubbing and exfoliating agent, perfect for facial hair removal. Addition of banana lightens and softens the skin. Repeating this procedure twice a week will maximize the results.  

    Precautions before you start these treatments:

    1. Always wash your face with warm water or use steam to open up your pores. Open pores means easy access to unwanted hair and easy removal. 

    2. Afterwards, wash your face with cold water or put some ice on it to close the pores.

    3. Patience is the key. Most of these natural remedies will not instantly stop hair growth so you have to keep repeating these treatments. You will be able to see visible results in 2-3 months of regular use. 

    4. Never put these masks or wax layers near your eyelashes or eyebrows.

    5. These treatments may not work for hard, strong hair on the face. These hairs may be the result of underlying health conditions like PCOS or other hormonal imbalances. If that is the case, consult your doctor.

    6. For lifelong health and beauty benefits, always eat right, exercise regularly and maintain a balanced lifestyle.



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