7 Effective Ways to Lose Weight


There is no denying the fact that losing weight is not an easy task. It takes a lot of determination and the journey has its fair ups and downs. The hardest part about losing weight is restricting your diet because saying goodbye to scrumptious food items is tough. So keeping all these things in mind, we are going to share with you 7 practical ways that will help you in chasing Weight Loss Island.

  1. 1 Include Proteins in your Diet

    Eating healthy foods can reduce your weight. Protein diet can help in burning rebel fats. When we talk about weight loss, protein is considered as the King of nutrients. Add 0.36 gram per pound protein in your diet which is recommended by National Institute of Health for a sedentary person because eating protein burns your calories and foster your metabolism rate up to 80-100 calories a day. Even studies depict that on high protein diet people consume more than 400 fewer calories a day. High protein diet also aids you in reducing your appetite and gives you a sense of fullness.
    Protein diet includes; Eggs, Seafood, low-fat dairy products, beans, nuts, and seeds etc.

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  2. 2 Sleeping is Healthy

    Getting an adequate amount of sleep is crucial as it has a positive impact on all aspects of life.. Sleep tends to help you in weight reduction. Studies reveal that poor sleep leads to obesity. Poor sleep increases the risk of obesity of about 89% in children while 55% in adults. So make sure to get enough sleep every night if you want to be healthy and fit.

  3. 3 Switch off your TV

    Are you habitual of watching TV at the time of dinner? If yes then you should consider stopping it. Studies show that watching TV while having dinner can increase the intake of calories by 40%. While eating try not to use your phone or laptop either as such devices distract you and cause you to eat more.

  4. 4 Green Tea


    Green tea (without sugar) is an amazing antioxidant. You should incorporate it in your daily diet  because it has amazing benefits including fat burning and weight loss. It increases your energy spending by 4% and increases the burning of fat (especially belly fats) up-to 17%. You can add honey in green tea for better results.

  5. 5 Walk daily for 45 Minutes

    Walking is a habit that every person should adopt. Set a target for a few minutes’ and subsequently increase the time you walk for. Also, you can ask your friend or partner to tag along as it is always easier to walk/jog with a companion.

  6. 6 Avoid Junk Food

    Junk food is the major source of weight gain. For acquiring expected results of weight loss, you have to avoid junks foods. Foods like pizza, burgers and fries have excessive calories so it is best to avoid them.

  7. 7 Add Honey in your plan

    From weight loss to skin brightening, honey has a plethora of benefits. Add 1 tablespoon honey in warm water and drink as this is a good approach to burn your stubborn belly fat.

    In a nutshell, the above 7 ways are the best and effective ways to conquer weight loss. If you start implementing these tactics you will get results sooner rather than later.


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