50 Illustrations That Shows The Darker Side of Our Society


Did you know art can also act as a catalyst of change? Yeah! Folks, with changing times everything is going towards modernization even art as well. Numerous artists have steered towards satirical illustrations to show that the world we are living in today is a place where all that glitters, isn’t really gold. You need to focus to understand the story behind everything. Undoubtedly, our society is driven by abrupt vices and evils. So, it’s time the world open up their eyes and takes a few steps toward the betterment.

With over 10 years of experience, Daniel Garcia is a professional designer and illustrator who have a strong fondness for political, social and human issues. He draws cartoons that scream about the problems of modern society and shows how relations are changing due to technology and how much dependent we have become on other people’s slave work.

Listed in this post are 50 illustrations from Garcia’s collection that perfectly shows the darker side of society. Scroll on peeps and check them out yourself!


More info: danielgarciaart.com | Instagram



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