32 Funny Photos of People Who Deserve a Darwin Award


It’s usually thrilling to do something dangerous, you wanna know why? Because it gives you an adrenaline rush which many people long for their whole life. However, there is a fine line between being brave and stupid and we can all agree that these people below lack common sense which puts them in the crazy category. And for them, the Darwin award was especially designed. The ‘award’ is famously given out each year for the most stupid death, rewarding the person’s willingness to “remove themselves from the human gene pool,” and all entries are verified.

Usually it seems that some thrill-seekers lack even the tiniest amount of common sense. And it’s when you get really stupid doing dangerous sports that things go wrong. Really wrong!


So if you are wondering how wrong can things actually go then scroll on below as we have an amazing compilation of 32 funny photos of people who definitely deserve a Darwin award for attempting such dangerous games.

  1. 1 He seems to have things under control.

  2. 2 Girls working on cars is just the hottest thing ever.

  3. 3 That's gonna hurt for days.

  4. 4 Where is adult supervision when you need it.


  5. 5 Putting your head in something is never a good idea.

  6. 6 The genius thinks a helmet is going to save him.

  7. 7 He's not going to walk that off.

  8. 8 Someone please help this idiot.

  9. 9 Dave's last picture.

  10. 10 How my life is going.

  11. 11 How did he get the idea of trying to pet a shark.

  12. 12 That's not a pleasant way to go.

  13. 13 They seem like they're pals.

  14. 14 It's all good until it isn't.

  15. 15 I hope they beat the hell out of him.

  16. 16 Run, Carl, Run!!!

  17. 17 Bro logic.

  18. 18 I'm sure they're not loaded, for his sake.

  19. 19 He's one little mistake away from being called Priyanka.

  20. 20 That's going to leave bruise.

  21. 21 He must play a lot of Minecraft.

  22. 22 Hopefully he's got a belt on.

  23. 23 I feel sorry for the guy who owns that blue car.

  24. 24 That's like just asking to die young.

  25. 25 I hope nothing burns.

  26. 26 I'm doomed anyways so why not have a little fun.

  27. 27 When you're on your last warning.

  28. 28 Achieve perfect balance.

  29. 29 We ain't scared of you.

  30. 30 When you hate your job.

  31. 31 Not a job for the faint hearted.

  32. 32 Still got 8 left.


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