40 Times When Photoshop Battles Went Wild on the Internet


When it comes to the Internet, nothing is truly safe from the Photoshop masters of Reddit!

Surely, many of you must know all about Reddit’s gargantuan umbrella but, for those of you living under the rock up till now, it’s a jumped-up version of one of those old forums that is a massive source of insight, knowledge, joy, and inspiration with a bunch of subreddits, or ‘communities. Every week the subreddit holds a battle where an image is given and the users submit their most creative manipulations. And ever since the first image editing programs of this Photoshop battle came out, people have been surprising us with their imaginations and skills.

From friendly bears to classical cat couple, listed up in this post are 40 photos from the Wildest Photoshop battles on the Internet. These photos will definitely make your day.


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