40 People Merged Reality With Vinyl Cover And Its Soo Much Fun to Look At


If you are into old retro style classics, chances are you must’ve heard of #Sleeveface. This new emerging trend or you can say internet phenomenon revives old pieces of vinyl by inviting people to augment any part of their body with record sleeve(s) to create an optical illusion and the resulting photos often end up being hilarious.

Although it remains unknown who is the mastermind behind this concept, it is said that the “Sleeveface” phenomenon was started in 2007 by Welsh DJ Carl Morris with a Paul McCartney sleeve while he was having a little fun in a bar and rapidly became a source of worldwide craze. When the trend evolved, it took the whole internet in a spin. To join this moment, all you really need is a face, an old vinyl sleeve, and a camera.


So, scroll on our curated selection of photos under the hashtag #sleeveface and enjoy peeps!

More info: sleeveface.com | Instagram

  1. 1 They're missing a pair of legs

  2. 2 Living the dreamy life

  3. 3 Posing in the alley

  4. 4 What is my son up to

  5. 5 Eddy likes the view

  6. 6 Kiss me through the covers


  7. 7 Matching clothes

  8. 8 A guy wearing short skirt? Something looks fishy

  9. 9 Scratch that body

  10. 10 Multicolored human being

  11. 11 When your child wakes up in the middle of the night

  12. 12 Come and feast on the BBQ

  13. 13 Part of the corrupt system

  14. 14 David's got the connection

  15. 15 Hello from the other side

  16. 16 Only if the background matched

  17. 17 Spike Jones really has an impressive act going on

  18. 18 The hat doesn't really go with this dress

  19. 19 Almost in love

  20. 20 The man out of time

  21. 21 Just got my fresh album cover

  22. 22 Tom has been waiting for so long now

  23. 23 Looks glad to be at the concert

  24. 24 Concerts are like going to war

  25. 25 Just a tiny splash

  26. 26 So what song are you singing on the show?

  27. 27 One from my Amy collection

  28. 28 Parenting and music went hand in hand for him

  29. 29 Move that scooter

  30. 30 Come on over to the pool party

  31. 31 Freddie can rock any fashion

  32. 32 When you're out with friends and mom calls

  33. 33 Didn't know MJ was into frocks

  34. 34 Midnight crisis

  35. 35 I saw Elvis at my workplace

  36. 36 Little angel selling a million covers

  37. 37 All of us have been through this phase


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