35 Most Funny Disney Jokes Ever


Disney! They are fun-filled family packed adventure films with lots of humor and plotlines that make you go awww, right? Many of us have grown up while watching Disney movies, so they have become an integral part of our childhood memories. While growing up, we have learned many great lessons of love, courage, compassion, loyalty, and friendship from our most beloved Disney characters.


Since we are all fans of Disney here and feel connected to them somehow, this post is sure to make you laugh. We have listed up 35 most funny Disney jokes ever that will make you go ROFL. Scroll on and enjoy peeps. If you wanna start the laugh meter with other Disney buffs on your list then don’t forget to share this post with them.

  1. 1 Which ones your favorite?

  2. 2 A stalker's paradise

  3. 3 When a minute feels like 2 hours

  4. 4 Totally going according to plan


  5. 5 Disney likes animal equality

  6. 6 Gotta get rid of that woman

  7. 7 Every time at a sleepover

  8. 8 You gotta do better to deserve her bro

  9. 9 That drastic change

  10. 10 When you couldn't read joined writing

  11. 11 Disney has taught us all something

  12. 12 It comes out naturally

  13. 13 Do not test me at my worst

  14. 14 Try it for once

  15. 15 I know me better than anyone

  16. 16 Are you even my real mother?

  17. 17 Aladdin swag

  18. 18 Childhood officially ruined

  19. 19 Disney logic can never be explained

  20. 20 Not what I expected

  21. 21 The struggle to find reception

  22. 22 Flirting is an art I'm not very good at

  23. 23 After a night of adventures

  24. 24 Everyone is allowed to have pets even if they're a pet themselves

  25. 25 I won't be able to sleep tonight

  26. 26 Gotta find the perfect size you know

  27. 27 Why do they even have scar in the toy store?

  28. 28 He was a good monster

  29. 29 Always look for the tagged ones

  30. 30 Feminists be like

  31. 31 Witch knee?

  32. 32 Her expressions are justified

  33. 33 Aladdin had a giant sack

  34. 34 Long hair problems

  35. 35 Double standards


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