40 Hilariously Ridiculous Tattoo Fails


Getting a tattoo is not everyone’s cup of tea due to all the suffering of having needles repeatedly poked into the skin. However, despite all the stigmas attached to inked skin, every tattoo enthusiast argues that there is something rather cathartic about the experience. The everlasting imprint holds a deeper meaning for them.


If you’re a fan of tattoos then you may be tempted to have your own sooner or later. But folks, be careful who you choose because not everyone is as good as they sell themselves to be. Sometimes what you’ve chosen to adorn your skins with may end up into hilarious fails.  Scroll on peeps to see some examples of hilarious tattoo fails that we have listed below:

  1. 1 The Tiger Flower

  2. 2 Wanna take a look inside?

  3. 3 Even the devil would regret plotting this idea

  4. 4 Close Enough

  5. 5 But why...?


  6. 6 From cute to scary

  7. 7 Let's run this play

  8. 8 The artist drew someone else's kid on my arm

  9. 9 Uncanny resemblance I tell you

  10. 10 This guy is a Ledgend!

  11. 11 If Baine was a dog

  12. 12 Lunar Eclipse ft Homer Simpson

  13. 13 If Eminem was in Guardians of the Galaxy

  14. 14 Creative innit?

  15. 15 "It's is my life" - Jon Bovi

  16. 16 The Girl with the Vegan Tattoo.

  17. 17 Found this gem browsing Facebook

  18. 18 Hair on fire

  19. 19 I can Fudge you too

  20. 20 Can ever be clever?

  21. 21 Yea let’s just get a spider tattoo

  22. 22 Friend on Facebook seems proud of this gem

  23. 23 Ryan Gosling as Spiderman

  24. 24 Leopard print or little hamburgers?

  25. 25 Flaming Nips

  26. 26 The love for Converse

  27. 27 Eye see u

  28. 28 Won't have to maintain these everyday now

  29. 29 This dope tiger face tatt

  30. 30 If Ed Sheeran eats junk food for a decade

  31. 31 Found this nightmare on Instagram

  32. 32 The American Eagle


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