35 Hilariously Clever People Who Have Heroically Climbed Out of a Problem


Who says that solutions have to be hi-tech or complicated? They should meet 3 basic requirements: be simple, quick, and cheap. And of course, get the job done right. Some people have the ability to think outside the box solutions. They often provide easy-to-do, impressive life-hacks that solve everyday problems and make everything much easier for others.

In this post, we have listed 35 photos of clever people who have heroically climbed out of a problem with their hilarious but ingenious hacks. These people surely deserve a round of applause for their creative ideas.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.

  1. 1 Low volume? Problem fixed!!

  2. 2 Things you can do with your shoe!!

  3. 3 Who thought tennis balls can be so useful?

  4. 4 Making fool of the teacher...


  5. 5 Is this the one best pick up line or what?!

  6. 6 Impromptu Coke can phone stand for the long flight home

  7. 7 Travelling like a boss!

  8. 8 If you're like me and have a broken laptop hinge...

  9. 9 Just a normal comfy day at the beach!

  10. 10 The war is on Onions!!

  11. 11 One of my friend was really drunk and everybody got tired of holding him!!

  12. 12 Babe must be so proud!!

  13. 13 When you have no intention of repairing your car..

  14. 14 Why we never thought of that??

  15. 15 Some are living in 2030!

  16. 16 Only way to make him pose for a pic..

  17. 17 I'm done indeed!

  18. 18 Genius!!

  19. 19 Put on ski goggles when chopping onions so you don’t cry your eyes out

  20. 20 Who needs a refrigerator when you are this creative?

  21. 21 Safety Solutions!

  22. 22 Some people are too genius to be true..

  23. 23 Forgot the candle? No problem...

  24. 24 This guy is a pro!

  25. 25 Does this count as life hack?

  26. 26 Things you should make your cat do!

  27. 27 Isn't that a bit too much?

  28. 28 Our drier doesn't stay closed. This was my solution.

  29. 29 How to write in Chinese.

  30. 30 Farmers Goat kept getting his head stuck in a fence, here's the solution.

  31. 31 Mate’s phone grip

  32. 32 Have kids they say... It will be fun they said...

  33. 33 Creative way to eat watermelon

  34. 34 When your dad wants to buy you glasses all the way from Alaska so he prints it a picture of your face and brings it to the store with him.

  35. 35 I could never be this cool


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