40 Hilarious Translation Fails You Will See Only in Asia


Asia is Earth’s largest and most populous continent. Its language spectrum is much wider and leads the statistics with 2,301 languages. Each has its own unique grammar and structure, which turns translation into pure art.  Most people just turn to the power of Google translate for sound translations.

Google translate will often give you literal meanings of the posted text without taking any external factors into consideration. Resultantly, the failures of translation can be pretty hilarious that will seriously make you laugh out loud.


Inspired by these mistranslations we have listed 40 hilarious translation fails that you will see only in Asia. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Dreaming must not be disturbed

  2. 2 For rough hands only

  3. 3 Please don't treat me like potato

  4. 4 Hey, you gotta do your part…


  5. 5 Please beware of the ongoing erection

  6. 6 what on earth did they mean to say?

  7. 7 For hang yourself...

  8. 8 Free for all religions

  9. 9 So apparently curled poo is a thing in China

  10. 10 For the puke fans

    The Chinese name of this snack translates as 'Honey Bean Crisps'; the English name being 'Only Pukeet'. The last two letters of 'Pukeet' are, regrettably, rather hard to discern due to the colors of the packaging

  11. 11 You've gotta be shitting me

  12. 12 Be anything but a "littering violator"

  13. 13 Can this be a thing?

  14. 14 Start your day with a nice electric shock

  15. 15 Describe your girlfriend in a sentence

  16. 16 Move forward on your own risk

  17. 17 Animaling not allowed

  18. 18 Are you here for a Cunt Examination?

  19. 19 Yes, it's bad for business. Have a big mac, have two.

  20. 20 When you're done with eating potato chips

  21. 21 Slipping is allowed but only carefully

  22. 22 Try some children pork for breakfast

  23. 23 The body part mess up

  24. 24 Finally, a hotel for Aliens...

  25. 25 Burn But wait... be careful while burning!

  26. 26 A time sex thing...

  27. 27 Please tell all of your false tales while standing...

  28. 28 Poor duck...

  29. 29 My friend is visiting China and went to a restaurant. This is from the menu.

  30. 30 We'll assist you in touching yourself

  31. 31 i just had to buy it, hope it doesn't actualy taste like the juice from a jew's ear...

  32. 32 Wow I'm really immature. Cuz that totally made me laugh a little too much.

  33. 33 Careful with that dog

  34. 34 I asked my friend about this one and we couldn't figure out how they came up with the second title.

  35. 35 That was disrespectful

  36. 36 Day 220 without sex

  37. 37 I don't know what greenstuffs are, but I wouldn't order them at this restaurant.

  38. 38 Finally. the day has come

  39. 39 Chinglish...!!


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