32 People Sharing Their Weirdest Second Hand Finds (New Photos)


Anyone who frequently visits thrift stores knows how thrilling a good secondhand find can be. Thrift store treasures don’t happen all the time, you have to know the art of spending long hours sifting through secondhand piles of stuff to find something worthwhile. You can find unexpected inventions that you never knew existed! Some of them are real masterpieces. Sometimes you’ll find random creepy stuff in them from nowhere. They’re either misplaced or someone actually thought they belonged there. You can spot these weird items instantly; they’re the ones that’ll stand out.


We think unexpected things have a way of finding you in all the places where you wouldn’t go looking especially in the case of secondhand shop fanatics. The experience can be quite hilarious. Listed in this post are 32 photos of weirdest secondhand finds that people shared to give you your daily dose of laughter and amazement. Scroll on and enjoy peeps!

  1. 1 Found it at a music producer's auction

  2. 2 This thing is huge! Wall hanging monkey on a human hand for $5.99.

  3. 3 Found this at a local thrift store in Missouri. Yep I bought it, and it's hanging up in the main bathroom!

  4. 4 I really wanted him, but no room for anymore cups at home.


  5. 5 The prince is gone for good

  6. 6 Bought this today (£20). She’s a lamp. Needs some TLC. Kids HATE it but I love her. She needs a name

  7. 7 Wanna sit in the teddy's lap?

  8. 8 Finally something weird enough to post! Is it a purse? Is it a shoe? Is it a purshoe? A shoepur?

  9. 9 Shake it while you sip it

  10. 10 These sad flip flops are perfect for depressed souls like me

  11. 11 The punk shall clean you up in many ways

  12. 12 Wash your mouth with this and you won't be able to lie again

  13. 13 Let the pug help you in hanging your suits

  14. 14 A football anyone? My son loved it, kinda nervous he might get a foot fetish but we are all weird in our own ways right?

  15. 15 Don't we all?

  16. 16 Hairy hotline bling

  17. 17 Some superhero is exposed. He will be back so I left them right there.

  18. 18 Had this fir years. Sold it at my moving sake. Kinda wish I would have kept it.

  19. 19 Holy sh*t!!

  20. 20 What smells so good in that Lucy thermos?!

  21. 21 Rainbow giraffe

  22. 22 Sigfried and Roy as cows? For some reason? Apparently there's a whole series of famous people as cows?

  23. 23 This shall scare you as you finish the morning coffee

  24. 24 A nice place to sit.

  25. 25 This terrifying mask definitely did not come with me. Yikes!

  26. 26 That's an antique carousel horse and worth a lot of money .........LOL.

  27. 27 I bet you all can feel the tickle

  28. 28 I'm gonna store candy in this

  29. 29 Venom spotted

  30. 30 Straight from the dairy farm

  31. 31 Every chicken's fashion goal

  32. 32 Queen Froggy awaits your presence


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