32 WTF Photos That Will Make You Say Enough Internet For Today


The internet is a crazy place where people post a lot of weird stuff. Sometimes it’s not even funny, it is just horrible or perhaps it is someone’s idea of twisted humor. So, before you proceed further, a fair share of warning my friends, make sure you want to see what’s coming next because once you see it, your brain may give you nightmares forever *LOL*.

If you’re still here, it’s your choice, fellows. Don’t say we didn’t warn ya!


Listed up in this post are 30 photos that will most definitely make you throw up your hands in surrender and say, “that is enough internet for today” because these photos are probably the worst things that you’ll see today.

Scroll on peeps, we hope you’ll sleep soundly afterward.

  1. 1 If Bush was actually the size of a bush

  2. 2 Senior Gollum of Guadalajara

  3. 3 Cursed toothbrush

  4. 4 Hi Five??


  5. 5 Colgate for everyone

  6. 6 This has turned me on for all the right reasons

  7. 7 My new Nike's come in handy

  8. 8 Guess the fingers

  9. 9 Hitlorita

  10. 10 The kinda barbie I'd adore

  11. 11 Super Mario

  12. 12 I Googled 'cutest horse ever', got this thing instead.

  13. 13 Beana Lisa

  14. 14 Granny ft E.T

  15. 15 That's all men look at

  16. 16 A vegan's purse

  17. 17 Sunbathing the right way

  18. 18 When Photoshop goes wrong

  19. 19 God won't forgive my children for this

  20. 20 This Panorama went horribly wrong

  21. 21 Face swap done right

  22. 22 Don't you argue with me Mister

  23. 23 Dictatorship inside a cow

  24. 24 Chilling in the Jacuzzi

  25. 25 Girls with fake booties be like

  26. 26 This is kind of a nightmare

  27. 27 I hope he doesn't see this

  28. 28 Justin Barbie

  29. 29 Balda Montanna

  30. 30 Humpty will fall off a wall for $20

  31. 31 Girl's at party rest rooms be like

  32. 32 Say Cheese


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