30 WTF Photos That Desperately Requires Explanation (New Photos)


Don’t you think our world is getting crazier day by day? Or perhaps it’s always been this crazy but now we get to see everything as it is because of the internet? In 40 years, the internet has morphed from a military communication network into a vast global cyberspace. It means that you get to see a lot of absurd stuff online that doesn’t actually make any sense. Sometimes people share their own senseless behavior online because they’re hungry for attention and social love at other times people share the mishaps of their friends to tease them.

Whatever the case may be, listed in this post are all sorts of weird WTF photos that seriously demand an explanation to make sense. Without knowing the back story of these photos, it’s hard to make sense of them.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps. Share this post with your friends and ponder over the rationality of these photos together!

  1. 1 Sneak peak from the Upside Down, Stranger Things season 4

  2. 2 Time to call professor X — we’ve got a mutant here!

  3. 3 How to stop children from shaking hands with mannequins .

  4. 4 The I in Pixar on its way to work...


  5. 5 This car works best on dead end streets.

  6. 6 The way this palm tree is growing

  7. 7 A moo-ster piece in the making!

  8. 8 When your unstoppable children meet an immovable object!

  9. 9 When you take watching your back way too seriously!

  10. 10 Thanks, i hate baby chokers

  11. 11 Making a plus sign while standing is way too mainstream!

  12. 12 When your younger sibling asks you to serve dessert.

  13. 13 When people don't notice the 'baby on board' sticker on your car.

  14. 14 Feeling like your utensils are rarely used, not anymore!

  15. 15 When your car never skips 'leg' day.

  16. 16 A hand-made bed!

  17. 17 Blue for Men!

  18. 18 They see me rolling...

  19. 19 When the teacher asks something you know.

  20. 20 Enjoying dinner at Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters!

  21. 21 I love making gun signs with my hands!

  22. 22 Looking for clothes for our camel, well look no further!

  23. 23 I think I broke my cat...

  24. 24 I'll never step foot on a boat!

  25. 25 My best friend from work and I watching TV!

  26. 26 I like my man just like my juice, in the refrigerator!

  27. 27 Might be the evilest carpet I've seen

  28. 28 My toothpaste came out looking like a nose

  29. 29 Spotted this wrought-iron VW Beetle

  30. 30 My plant grew a pair of legs

  31. 31 Unmasked Batman

  32. 32 This statue outside my house

  33. 33 Ducks will start to melt at 90° F.

  34. 34 It's not a phase mom! This is me now!

  35. 35 Not all birds poop on your windows, some clean them too!

  36. 36 A mailman's worst nightmare!

  37. 37 We grew an eggplant that looks like the poop emoji.

  38. 38 cursed_pipe

  39. 39 Do you like dogs? No, I'm more of a cat person

  40. 40 When you see a pretty girl and ask your friend not to look at once...


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