30 WTF Photos That are Hard To Explain


We have some weird people around, who seem to have no idea about what they’re up to and they take utterly senseless photos. Thanks to smartphones almost nothing escapes the eye of the camera these days, even the craziest photos can be taken and shared instantly to be famous the next day.

Unlike most self-explanatory photos, this post contains all sorts of absurd WTF photos that makes absolutely no sense and are seriously hard to explain.


Scroll on and enjoy peeps.  Share this post with your friends and ponder over the rationality of these photos together!

  1. 1 We are sorry cats!

  2. 2 What kind of a camouflage is that?

  3. 3 Isn't she looking hot?

  4. 4 I wonder who came up with this idea...


  5. 5 That's actually really hard to explain!

  6. 6 You can't escape from the law!

  7. 7 That's one ugly looking party costume!

  8. 8 I hope they are not planning to rob a bank!

  9. 9 It was hot! What was I supposed to wear?

  10. 10 That's gross!

  11. 11 He went through her daughter's wardrobe!

  12. 12 The watermelons must be so disappointed!

  13. 13 What was he thinking?

  14. 14 Too much pain in one picture!

  15. 15 It isn't real, right?

  16. 16 Just a normal elastic cow!

  17. 17 Look twice.. It's a cat!

  18. 18 Not his arm!

  19. 19 No, he don't have shark teeth!

  20. 20 Find the head!

  21. 21 What? you never heard of a potato bath?

  22. 22 Just getting comfy!

  23. 23 Men heels are in fashion nowadays...

  24. 24 That's one way of cleaning the fan!

  25. 25 Let's just appreciate the imagination!

  26. 26 We bet you will look more than twice!!

  27. 27 Yes, you are seeing it right!

  28. 28 Decent attempt. They should definitely never do this again..

  29. 29 Who killed my brother?

  30. 30 He was just getting out of control!

  31. 31 The horse don't mind!

  32. 32 Why would you do that to a Koala?


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