30 Worst Tattoo Face Swaps Guaranteed to Make You laugh


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for a while chances are you’ve heard of face swaps by now but, we bet you’ve never heard of tattoo face swaps up till now. You can always clear your doubts concerning the professionalism of your portrait tattoos by checking the quality of your ink with this simple trick of swapping your body drawing with the real thing.  For better or for worse if it doesn’t look quite presentable, you will at least have some hilarious results like the ones we have collected in this post that will make you laugh out loud.


Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

  1. 1 She should be so disappointed!

  2. 2 Seems legit to me!

  3. 3 Isn't she cute?

  4. 4 Such a cute couple!


  5. 5 Poor bear!

  6. 6 Johnny depp after styling!

  7. 7 We are sorry Joker!

  8. 8 The poor mic!

  9. 9 Looks better that the original!

  10. 10 Who did this??

  11. 11 We are glad dinosaurs don't exist anymore!

  12. 12 That's a bad looking tattoo!

  13. 13 Some angry looking beasts!

  14. 14 Family goals!

  15. 15 A cute little guy!

  16. 16 This baby would be so angry!

  17. 17 Am I the only one scared?

  18. 18 That's why he don't like posing for pictures!

  19. 19 A fierce wolf!

  20. 20 Such a lovely family!

  21. 21 Can't stop laughing!

  22. 22 The Hulkster!

  23. 23 I would like to meet the person who designed this tattoo!

  24. 24 It's all about the money!

  25. 25 Angry Jesus!

  26. 26 When you have good Photoshop skills!

  27. 27 Wait, is that even a dog?

  28. 28 My little sister can draw better that this tattoo!

  29. 29 Forever with us indeed!


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